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K10o, Blind vs Blind.

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  • K10o, Blind vs Blind.

    I am sat in the small blind with limited reads on the big blind, but he appears to be playing a tight aggressive game. How would you play this hand? What line would you take?

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    Hi Danny,
    I wouldn't be going too crazy with this hand since we are going to be losing to most Kx that have called us preflop. Ofcourse when he does raise us OTF he might be doing it as a bluff, so we want to keep him bluffing because that is the only way we can win with our hand. If we raise and he does have a K, I think we will be losing quite often. Not to mention that he might also have 33.

    So cbet flop, call flop raise.
    c/c turn
    c/c river or lead river if turn was checked back.


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      I agree .turn it into a bluff is dangerous when you don't have a better read on the apponnent!seen from his point of wiev


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        I'm taking the same line as geo.

        Pre-flop is fine. Half pot on this dry flop is also fine. There aren't many combos that beat you on this flop, and in a BvB situation in which the aejones theorem appplies ("No one ever has anything") the minraise looks like a bluff. It's possible villain has KJ+ or 33, but I'd expect him to just flat the flop and raise the turn if he really had you beat. So I call the minraise, and then station it up to showdown.
        I think he might have a small pocket pair that just wants to take the pot before scare cards hit the board. If you're beat you want to keep the pot relatively small, and if villain is bluffing, you want to let him continue to bluff.
        Check-raising the turn is really bad. What are you repping there - 77/K7 trying to get value from 33/Kx? Your hand has showdown value, but you're value-cutting yourself by bloating the pot OOP. Villain's not calling with worse if you check-raise the turn. He's only stacking off with hands that beat you. Just check-call turn and check-call river (unless you make a boat, in which case you should lead the river).
        Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks for replies guys! In hindsight I think that with the c/r on the turn I was probably value owning myself...and worse if I am beat here. Check calling the turn would be the better play, then see how he plays on the river. If he continues betting on the river then I would be calling, and if he checks the river then I would be betting small-ish to give him some rope to hang himself with a small to mid pair. umbup:



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