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16NL - QQ facing donkbet on wet flop 3way

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  • 16NL - QQ facing donkbet on wet flop 3way

    Another QQ spot in a SRP where we are facing a donk bet. This one's on a regular 16NL table. I decided to flat preflop because there was a fish on the BTN that I wanted to keep in. CO is 20/18/1 (131 hands) SB is 12/5/4 (61 hands) Not so great flop for us multiway and we face a donk bet, I call to see a turn and re-evaluate. Any reason to raise now? The turn is Th and action is checked to me; I was thinking of betting here but I was worried of getting blown off by a c/r - I think it was too paranoid from my part and a turn bet should have been in order to get value from draws + naked hearts. When SB decides to fire this river I think our chances of being good diminishes a lot. 88 made it, sets that were planning to c/c turn continue to win against us, 77/33 are value betting.

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    Hi geo,

    Flatting to invite a fish in has merit, as well as keeps the CO's range as wide as possible and allows you to play your QQ somewhat disguised in position against that wide range, so I don't mind this play at all.

    I would generally raise this flop bet though. The donk out is typically indicative of a 1 pair hand trying to "protect" vs overs or a draw semi-bluffing. Since he didn't 3b preflop it's unlikely he has KK or AA. And since V1 doesn't raise the donk bet, it's also unlikely HE has KK or AA or a set. So I expect us to have the best hand right now quite often here, and by just calling we are giving both of them a free card to outdraw us. Which makes the turn quite difficult as we don't know which cards outdraw us and there are a lot of cards that are scary (A, K, 8, 7, 6, 3, 2, hearts) and almost none we love (just the 2 Q's). Raising now denies this free card and makes the hand much easier to play imo.

    As played I would bet the turn, and fold to a check/raise. Your draw is fairly weak, don't be worried about being blown off weak draws, it's big draws we don't want ot be blown off of.

    Fold river to this large a bet imo, all we have is a bluff catcher, and although our line has induced bluffs, I'm not sure what he could be bluffing with here other than a hand like A6.
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