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25NL - QQ facing donkbet 3way

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  • 25NL - QQ facing donkbet 3way

    Hi guys, I probably played this one wrong by taking a passive line, but I'm interested to know what's the best play here. Both villains are basically unknowns, but I had reason to believe BB was a reg as he was playing 3 zoom tables and I had seen him with double stacks on two different occasions. With just 17 hands on him he was playing 38/31/3. But a PFR/VPIP ratio of 0.8 makes me inclined to say that he is TAG/LAG. When he donks flop that big into two players and into an UTG opener it makes me believe that he wants to build a big pot/protect his hand and does not want the flop to be checked around. I think he will do this with made hands: 44,88,TT,JJ,ATs-JTs Big draws: AhKh-AhJh, QhJh I decide to call to see what the player behind me will do, and if I got too much heat I was planning on folding. I did not raise because I think when I do he will fold hands that we beat (TP) and continue with sets and big draws against which we have 43% equity. The turn does not change anything except that we can safely assume he does not have 44 and I think he will fire again with his made hands and perhaps c/c with his draws. At this point we have 68% equity against his Tx and sets BUT raising will also fold out worse and with his sizing I have no room without being committed. I decided to call one more in hopes that he will check most rivers and I check behind (perhaps too optimistic) When he bets that river with that sizing, can we be good 30% of the time? Would you have raised anywhere in the hand and why? Would you have folded OTT? Call river?

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    Hey geo, as far as flop play goes I would make my line heavily dependant on how I view the two villains in the hand. If you view villain as a rathr competent player I feel calling > raising on the flop for the arguments you gave. However you also have to consider you are giving the player to act a great price to call and outdraw. In case this guy is a really weak player that may peel wide enough so you dont have to be worried on different turns that might be ok. With the flop line you took I think that calling is good as a raise would overrepresent your hand and wont get called by worse often. River is close depending on how you view villain again, but I think calling is fine. You beat most of villain's semibluffing range and I don't see him having too many Kx here. and probably might have 3bet pre and the K also is a great scarecard to bluff in case he busted out.
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