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2NL 6-max Zoom QJo Multi-way

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  • 2NL 6-max Zoom QJo Multi-way

    Is the T bet good here ? I thought that could be since I could make fold hands like KJ,KQ,AT,JJ. But after the raise All-in I'm certainly beat ( I believed a slowplayed TT or 22). Any thoughts on the hand umbup:

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    I think in this situation, with the straight draw, the C-bet is fine. I'm guessing you don't have much history with the villain, so possibly hard to range him. Once he calls on the flop I probably would not double barrel and instead check and call for some pot control, let the villain bet out.

    However, you did double barrel and once he shoves it's an easy fold. Shoving with pocket 10s or 2s here seems unlikely, I would think he would simply call your bet and then bomb it on the river, smells more like a KQ, type hand to me and he was worried about a scary river.


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      Hi fp,

      I would c-bet for sure on the flop but I noticed in this hand and the other one I looked at earlier, your bet sizings are really large. Why? I think you're making life much more difficult on yourself constantly betting 75%+ of the pot regardless of the situation. Here I think .12c is fine on the flop. Without reads I would check the turn, and call a reasonable bet. The board is really dry so when he calls your large flop bet he rates to have a K often, if he's getting stubborn with a ten then this turn card will not dissuade him from calling again anyway, and he's certainly not folding a K+. I would generally barrel here against a chronic floater or a player who goes to showdown very infrequently, but again you are readless so that doesn't really work.

      Facing the shove its just math, obviously you're certainly behind, you have Q high. Actually I think you were almost certainly behind when called the flop tbh

      Need to call 1.34 to win 2.50, so just under 2-1 on a 5-1 shot to hit your straight, easy fold.
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        Originally posted by fp_boss77 View Post
        Is the T bet good here ? I thought that could be since I could make fold hands like KJ,KQ,AT,JJ.
        Good luck trying to get an average 2NL villain to fold KQ or KJ on KTxx! Villains at this level are never folding top pair to a 2nd barrel. I'm a fold-monkey, and I'm not folding top pair unless I was the one betting out and I got raised.
        Like Dave, I'd check-call the turn, as you'll often have implied odds to call and hit your 8-outer.
        In general, barrelling with draws at 2NL is just spew and you should only semi-bluff if you know that villain possesses a FOLD button.
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          Hi , thanks for the insights.
          I've made the 75% bet because I was multi-way ( I usualy bet larger on MW pots ) and since it's 2NL any K or T wold call both the 0.12 and the 0.15 bet. SHould I bet less than 75% since it's a dry flop ? even if it's multiway ?


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            Any king is calling 12c or 15c, but you have queen high. You don't want to build a pot with the worst hand! When you're (semi-)bluffing, you want to bet the minimum amount that achieves the desired effect (villain folds). Bloating the pot when you're behind is -EV.
            Your theory is sound though. You should generally make larger bets on wetter flops, and against multiple players, and bet smaller on dry flops when heads up. But the thing is, this is 2NL, where you can play "exploitably" by varying your bet-sizes according to your purposes. i.e. if you have a strong hand (TPTK+) you can often bet big even on dry boards and get called by worse, but when you're semi-bluffing, you can make it 55% of pot and give yourself a cheaper price to try and hit your draw. If you happen to make the nuts, then you can start making big bets again, because top pair is calling unless the board is really wet.
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