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2NL 6-max Shorthanded: TPTK aggression

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  • 2NL 6-max Shorthanded: TPTK aggression

    BTN: 100 BB (VPIP: 14.41, PFR: 11.35, 3Bet Preflop: 4.55, Hands: 243) SB: 62.5 BB (VPIP: 38.00, PFR: 10.00, 3Bet Preflop: 11.54, Hands: 51) BB: 258 BB (VPIP: 29.63, PFR: 22.22, 3Bet Preflop: 13.33, Hands: 27) Hero (CO): 269.5 BB My question is on my betting here. My feeling was my TPTK was good on the flop as it's pretty dry flop, I have backdoor flush and he limped preflop. Should I have reraised his donk bet or was I right to try and let him bet into me? My hindsight feeling is I should have reraised to try and build pot bigger. 2nd question, having him continue bet turn and river should I have laid down TPTK or flat called the river bet? I feel flat call might have been better option as I'm still up on a lot of potential hands he'd be playing. I feel the reraise was a tad too aggressive.

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    *moved to NHLE cash hand analysis*
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      I am going into call-down mode here 100% of the time. There is absolutely no scope for raising at any point. One thing to notice is that the stack to pot ratio is quite high, because of the deep stacks. You should try and keep the pot relatively small, because you certainly don't want to stack off 250bb deep with just one pair.

      If villain has a worse hand, or total air, consider what happens if you raise on any street. He'll fold, of course, meaning you lose the value you could get on later streets. By raising, you get value-owned, because villain will only continue with hands that beat TPTK. (Imagine if you raised the turn and villain shoved. You can no longer take a hand with value to showdown. You'd have to give up all your equity in the pot, and would have spewed a bunch of chips while doing so).

      It doesn't actually matter if villain is a passive station, a nit, or an aggro monkey. With TPTK (or even KJ), you should just call every street, because that's how you get your value.
      For more on this concept, see this article on my blog.

      Hope this helps!
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        Hey, thanks for the reply! Thanks for the article link, interesting reading.

        So in this case I played it right till the river where I should have just called instead of the reraise.


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          Yes, it was all standard till the river. This board is pretty dry, but there's always a chance that villain has a set, or random two pair hand, or straight. If he has KJ/QJ, then you're winning a fairly nice pot, but when you raise the river, you can't really get called by worse, so it's not a good raise.
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            Thankyou for your time, made a lot of sense. I'll read up on the rest of your blogs as well now


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              I would of called it down like arty said until today, i started out today won $7 then lost the whole $7 in 3 hands and i cant complain either because they wernt coolers they were bad plays, the 1st one was i 3 betted pre flop after an open raise from a fish he then min betted the flop and i knew he was a station so i jammed the flop and he turned over a set of aces to my TPTK.

              Another hand was a 3bet pot where i had AA over cards and i couldnt put this tag on any of these cards that flopped after the pre flop action anyway i got into call it down mode and i should of folded the turn but i was 100% he had an over pair anyway im all in and he had a set of 3s in a 3bet pot.

              Ive now clawed back $5 and ive basically dropped TPTK to any aggression on the turn unless i have good outs to a flush or straight.

              If i were you id just keep TPTK to small pot and 2 pair and above for big pots id rather lose $2 with both a flush draw and a open ended straight draw then get my money in with AK on a flop of AJ5 and get owned by a set of jacks if someone bets into you there saying i beat your one pair out of all the times i got into big pots with TPTK about 3 of them i got away with where lags were bluffing or villain busted a draw and pots the river your better off not getting into that situation unless theres cards that can make your hand better, i wouldnt call a turn looking for another ace either that never happens.

              Theres really fishy players that over play TP with like a 4 kicker you can call them down but if a station starts betting into tou your TPTK is beat all day long ive seen them put like 10c into a 50c pot then jam the river it looks like a bluff but its not i can assure you ive been caught out a few times.
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