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2NL Zoom: JJ in interesting spot against deepstacked regular OOP.

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  • 2NL Zoom: JJ in interesting spot against deepstacked regular OOP.

    Opponent is Seat 1: Player1 ( $2.79 USD ) - VPIP: 28, PFR: 17, 3B: 0, AF: 2.3, Hands: 46

    Because we were deep I elected not to fire a continuation bet on the flop and went for a pot control line. I think that hits a lot of his calling range with mid pairs, connectors, when he checks behind. Maybe he's also checking behind a 9 there for fear of getting checkraised? I just can't think many hands he would check behind with? 99? T8? Would he check behind a set here? Given that a lot of the deck is ugly? I'm having a really hard time with this hand.. I can't see him checking behind much.. Maybe 98? T9 that he's pot controlling?

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    Hi Bores,

    I think he can actually have a lot of 7's and 8x or 5x busts here. It's hard to assess exactly what the check-back means since we were the preflop aggressor, not him... it could be a slow play with sets (rare as those are hard to make but possible), a free card with a draw, a hand like 55 or A5, middle pair, etc.

    I would pay him off here and see... when we check the flop a lot of players (and probably a lot at micros) automatically think we can never have a big pair since we would surely c-bet the flop with that 1000% of the time! So they may call turn with a wide range now and bluff raise the river thinking we are just stabbing with AK and won't call. So yeah, if he's got a 9 nh, unlucky, and if he flopped a set then ty for not building a bigger pot and making our life tougher. Given the line we took we are probably good often enough to make calling profitable here, and we are certain to get some useful information for future reads either way.
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      Alright, thanks a lot Dave and yeah I wondered if he would turn SDV into a bluff on the river or not and my hand is totally underrepped so yeah, next time I'll call and throw up when he turns over T9s/J9s and immediately make a note of it.

      Do you hate the check for pot control?


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        I don't mind checking one street for pot control, but I'd probably make it the turn. I think betting the flop makes the hand a lot easier to play, because he'd likely raise a set there and then, so you lose the minimum.
        The bet-check-bet line often means you get looked up very light too (he'll put you on AK), so when the board doesn't pair - and even sometimes when it does - you'll get two streets of value from worse than JJ.
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          But Bet/check/bet is a lot easier IP rather than out.. That's why I went for the flop check. IP that's the line I'd have taken for sure. Like if you check turn and he bets... then what? Go into check-call.



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