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87s 5Nl

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  • 87s 5Nl

    This is getting beyond a joke now fish limps with a 60%vp 5pfr af2 So i decide to limp behind as i was looking for a cheap flop and he was calling even if i raised to 20c any way i make a straight with a possible flush/ straight flush and raise the flop, fish shoves all in (yh this happened yesterday outcome was the same they get lucky) i call he hits 1 of his 7 outs and takes down the pot. Now i wouldnt mind but this happens way to often ive lost in similar situation now atleast 5 times in a row where i get my money in good. I can understand now why people are whining about bad players and want to play better players to avoid this i know for a fact i made more money off good players these bad players milk me in hands like this the only time i win is when i value bet them with overs or tptk and even then they river a flush now and again.

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    You both play marginal hands here - I prefer your preflop play with suited connectors - but your loose opponent is ahead of you preflop even with a poor hand out of position.

    You both flop a straight - yours is the low end but with a flush draw - theirs is a wrap with no flush draw - they are still ahead. but they could have QKh.

    If they are loose passive and get all-in I would be wary - but I would probably make the call too. Just in this hand you were never ahead so no surprise when you lose.

    Tough when the loose players flop a huge hand and you get a great hand with even better hands you can improve to, but this will happen.

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      i never saw that he flopped a straight aswell i was sure he made it on the turn either way that was a call, it just happens all to often


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        Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
        i never saw that he flopped a straight aswell i was sure he made it on the turn either way that was a call, it just happens all to often
        Well you can never put these loose players on a hand - they can have anything... I think you play the hand fine v the opp - just when they have such low aggression postflop and then get all-in I expect them to have something - but I would call myself here - it is just unfortunate they have a better hand and you miss the flush to outdraw them.

        How often it happens - it always seems more than it actually is - and you tend to forget the times you suck out yourself - just try to make the best decisions and in the long run you will forget these individual instances.

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          I would not limp any cards behind here preflop. I would raise your hand to 20 cents, since you have position on him and can take it down vs his huge limp / calling with a c-bet most the time.

          Postflop I think its played fine by you but I would raise bigger on the flop to around 60 cents, to charge draws more heavily on this super wet board.

          If theese hands frustrate you and you think you are on the wrong side of them almost all the time you should consider getting some work in your mental game of poker. I just got the mental game of Poker from Jared Tendler and I put it to use right away. Most player only put work in there tactical game and neglect their mental game, although its pretty damn important.

          Greetings almightybald


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            Pre-flop, limping behind in position is fine, although it could cause the button or blinds to iso-raise (sometimes without a hand) to scoop up all the dead money. After that, this hand is basically a cooler. There's pretty much no way that you don't both get all the money in the middle at some point, and it makes no difference that villain is a loose/bad player. A TAG would be stacking off with the second nuts too, obviously. You flopped the straight with a redraw to a flush, but notice that you have the "idiot end" of the straight, so-called because it's usually only idiots that will stack off with it. Actually, that's not quite true. It's usually a mistake to draw to the idiot end of a straight, but if you actually have it on the flop, then you've got to get some money in, to make top-end draws pay a premium for trying to beat you. I'm going broke on the flop (see equity simulation below), although I'm not feeling particularly great about it. On the flop, I'm making a bigger raise for start. When the action reaches you, there's 60c in the pot. Raising to 46c doesn't get maximum value from worse hands. Indeed, various draws to the nuts are getting a good price. Sets and two pairs are certainly not folding to a bigger raise. When villain shoves over the top, then I think you have to call. If he's only doing this with a value range (i.e. no draws) then his range is all sets, two pairs and straights. Against that range, you will win at showdown about 60% of the time. Board: ---- Equity     Win     Tie Vill    40.44%  38.87%   1.57% { JJ-99, KQs, Q8s, J9s+, T9s, KQo, Q8o, J9o+, T9o } Hero    59.56%  57.99%   1.57% { 8h7h } Against his range, you'll lose this pot 4 out of 10 times. Your 60/40 edge is typical for races that start on the flop. You can't win them all, so you've got to learn to take the bad beats. You got it in good against villain's range (if not his actual hand), so you'll make money in the long run by getting it in here. Hope this helps! Cheers, Arty
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              I wouldnt say they frustrate me i most definitely don't tilt its just a joke how it happens all the time if i get a set or a full house villain gets TPTK at best and fold because they know there well behind the only time i get value from weak players is with overs and TPTK. Any other time i have a monster hand and we get all in they always got that stronger straight or set

              I lose the majority of my money in these situations to terrible players.


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                You sure sound tilted.

                Seriously, I'd give this hand about 5 seconds thought if it happened to me. I'd run the equity simulation to make sure I hadn't made a mistake, and then feel pretty good about it. Coolers happen. Coolers are part of poker. As long as you make correct decisions, you will make money in the long run.

                If you'd rivered a flush in this hand, you wouldn't be posting it, would you? You're being too results-oriented. Forget about the money you win or lose. Focus on making good plays, and not being upset when you have bad luck.
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                  annoyed but its not affecting my play and i wouldnt be posting if i sucked out no but that's the thing ive sucked out once and i remember it well it was a week and a half ago in the open league.



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