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2NL 6-max Zoom check min-raises

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  • 2NL 6-max Zoom check min-raises

    Hi, I know it's hard to determine how a specific play would mean in any broad sense. But I'm seen it often enough to believe that is not always a great hand. Can anyone tell by experience what check min-raises mean ? in both a dry flop or wet ? Because some times I have TPTK, and tend to call these min raises , because the player could slow down, or I could improve to continue ( I belive that my TPTK is beat when I get raised). Thanks umbup:

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    Sorry to use the old cliché, but "It depends" is the right answer, I think.

    If the check-minraise is by a normally passive player, then he's often going to show you a monster (at least two pairs, but often a set, and almost never a draw). If the villain is playing 30% of hands and goes to lots of showdowns (so he's a calling station), TPTK should be folded. You don't have the right price to call, even though it's a minraise.
    If the player is more of a TAG or LAG, then he might be making the play with a draw (on wet boards). You kind of have to make your decision there and then and re-raise if you think you're ahead. Or you could call and see what he does on the turn. If he checks again (when it's a blank), he was probably semi-bluffing with a draw. If he keeps betting, your hand is toast.
    Some players (LAG/maniacs) will even make this play with bottom pair, a weak top pair, or total air. Against those, calling down is fine. Just grit your teeth and let them spew off some more chips.

    Against unknowns, I don't think you'd be making a mistake if you folded TPTK to a raise every single time. There aren't many semi-bluffers at 2NL. Raises are normally for value. You can call the minraise if you have a draw yourself (as you have great pot odds when it's a minraise), but with one pair, no draw, you'll get taken to Valuetown.
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      Arty are you saying a tag will raise a cbet on a wet board with just a draw, my OESD never seem to hit very often to make a profit playing like that.


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        Yes, some TAGs will raise with a draw. The draw won't hit all that often (about 20% of the time, it hits on the next card), but profit can be made in the long run with semi-blufs like this, because sometimes the player that bet first will fold.
        I don't often play my draws very aggressively at 2NL, because raises get called too often, but I'll certainly semi-bluff raise (and make it more than a minraise!) if I have a decent draw, I think the villain missed the flop and was c-betting with air, and he appears to have a FOLD button.

        TheLangolier has explained why playing draws aggressively can be proftable in several videos. I think it pops up in the Fold Equity session, but definitely in the one titled Semi-Bluffing theory.

        You can learn a bunch of great stuff from working thru Dave's video archive. On other sites, people would pay high subscription fees for access to videos like these. It's unbelievable that PSO gives its members this stuff for free! I'd seriously recommend you spend more time studying and less time playing, because the training sessions will save (or make) you a bunch of money in the long run.
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          I do watch these vids i watch a thew a week there's to many to get through lol, il give this one a look now though


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            The thign is that I'm playing Zoom and with no HUD, so I have no history on the players (beside the notes, although they're hard to be used since there are 700 players on the pool). The kind of raises that I was talking about is like these one on the hand I've played today. I've seen min-raises often enough to believe that is not always a draw or made strong hand. The villain had KhQh:


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              Yo fp boss you had 2 pair on the turn he checks and you check why? your definitely ahead so bet for value you can check the river though if you wish



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