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50NL 6-max: JJ turned set / weird opponent line

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  • 50NL 6-max: JJ turned set / weird opponent line

    Hi all,

    This time the interest of the hand lies at my opponent's line and not my play that was completely str8forward.
    ATTENTION! the postflop perspective of the hand will be from my opponent's standpoint.

    (preflop: against a TAG 19/16 opponent, I flat call on the btn and take the battle to postflop ground.)

    flop: with a flush draw, two overs and some backdoor str8 draws he decides to fires a c-bet. with a call on the flop my range should look like:
    draw + pair 33,77,67,...
    overpairs 88+
    made str8 78
    flush draw and overs (less likely since he holds two hearts)
    random floats on a super wet board

    turn: he continues the aggression with a halfish pot bet.
    I raise with a set now, and I m basically saying that the J helped my range in some way, which is weird quite frankly. This raise should indicate a range of:
    made str8s on the flop
    set of JJ
    monkey raise with QQ-AA (not a decent move of course)
    random bluff from floating flop
    NOT repping sets 44,55,66 (would definitely raise flop for protection)

    river: this is the interesting point of the hand. he decides to donk shove the A river as a bluff.

    Would u consider this move decent in any way?

    Imho, the only part of my range that this bet should scare is the "monkey raise with QQ-KK"(not likely) and the complete bluffs, but if he thinks I am bluffing why not 3-bet jam the turn when he surely has equity in the pot?

    snap call

    Tbh, I was really impressed that the opponent had the "heart" to fire this bluff, but thinking logically about it led me to this post.
    Any opinions on this move are greatly appreciated.

    p.s. sorry for the super long post

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    Hi f1n,

    Funny, I just did this exact play the other night in a 50nl game and it worked.

    He probably perceives that you hit the jack, and flats for his flush equity. He may think you're making a move on the turn, but if he shoves there it seems unlikely to expect you to fold a J or QQ+ after raising them. Another hand you could be doing this with is some kind of combo draw like 7h6h for example... these are hand types you will certainly not raise/fold the turn with and he would hate to get it in against these as they have him crushed.

    So it's true that you will fold any "moves" with air on the turn to a 3b jam, but that's about all he can realistically expect you to fold. On the river however, the ace is a good scare card vs Jx, QQ, KK, you're still folding all air, and he has great fold equity vs. combo draws that have bricked and are sitting with 3rd pair or worse.
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