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2NL 6-Max - Forcing a Donk Bluff?

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  • 2NL 6-Max - Forcing a Donk Bluff?

    Hey Guys, haven't been able to get in much poker these days... Villain was a fish, table was fishy. I raised the donk bet OTF cause it looked really weak and did not want to see a turn card w/ 3 players. Would probably have folded to a Raise or X/Shove When he calls and checks OTT his flush draw is pretty much face up. This guy definitely doesn't care about equity but I think any bet higher would have to be a shove and that might make him fold. Made a thin bet on the river, which I think was giving him a good price to call with worse, and he shoves... I want to know if thin bets into big pots like that can encourage shoves w/ worse hands or was this just a one off donkey? If they can, any tips on how to manipulate them would be awesome. Thanks.

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    Hi Low Rated,

    If we think he's on a draw then he's busted, the only way to get any more value out of him is to bet/call with a small bet. The tricky part is balancing the bet sizing between being so tiltingly small that it induces a bluff raise, and getting reasonable value from 9x or Qx which will call a tiny bet but would also call a more moderate one to look us up. I would go about .60c here, it's reasonable value vs. Qx, perhaps a bit less than Qx would actually be willing to pay, but it's also more likely to get curiosity called by 9x. And it's still small enough to create the illusion of fold equity and perhaps induce a bluff raise from his complete busts.
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      Thanks Dave.

      I really was only expecting thin value from a crying call by Qxhh but I didn't want him to fold worse. From what you said I think I really could have bet higher and get a similar result.



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