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5NL - AKo - SBvBB battle - Should I be going broke?

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  • 5NL - AKo - SBvBB battle - Should I be going broke?

    Small Blind is 22/22 over 32 hands. So nice and aggressive but not overly loose and on the higher end of tight. Action folds round to the Small blind who min raises, with AKo, I am always going to 3bet this. SB elects to flat my 3bet. Flop of AT6 with two clubs - including A of clubs. I hold the K of clubs. So while there is a flush draw out there it isnt the nut flush draw. I elect to cbet of course with TPTK - going about 75% of the pot for value against lesser Aces. SB calls. Turn is a Q of hearts. I wasnt overly worried about the Q when it arrived and bet again. Just over half pot this time. Too small? Though that isnt what I am really looking advice for on this hand. The SB elects to ship his stack over my raise here and I did think about calling for a while before eventually folding. My reasons for doing this are that while I held TPTK there was a lot that I thought he could hold which beat me. He could easily have raised with AT, AQ. SBvBB he could also have opened KJ/QT. He could even have raised Q6 as a steal. I felt pretty comfortable folding this hand but am not sure if I am right to feel that way. Is this a hand I should be stacking off with? One pair is so vulnerable and easily where I lose most of my $. Welcome peoples thoughts on this and the other hands I post today.

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    Well played. b/f is good on the turn with AK.

    The flop and turn hit your range really hard so he should have 2 pair minimum here.
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      Hi bhoylegend,

      First of all, it's interesting to note that this guy opened the SB for a min raise. I'm not sure what this guy was trying to achieve but he is giving awesome odds to call IP against him. So I'm not sure if this guy is a good reg because that is a bad size for a steal unless he has nit stats on you and you fold to steal when SB opens like 80% and above which could make his minraise open any two profitable; that or he is minraising with premium to force action from you. But with just 32 hands I assume he has the same number of hands on you also (that's if he has a HUD) so I will consider him as a recreational/fish player.

      I like the 3bet, but I might even go slightly bigger given my assumption on this guy.
      I like the flop sizing 75%+ so 0.44-0.47; maybe there is also some room for 0.5

      OTT against a range of { TT, 66, AQs-A6s, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, Jc9c, AQo-A6o, KTo+, QTo+, JTo } we are 60% favorite so a turn bet could be an option

      But figuring some hands would fold to a turn bet and other would now raise us, then maybe a turn check might be a better option to keep hands that we beat for a river value bet and for pot control because even if we bet the turn it is hard for us to fire the river again if we don't improve. You might say that by checking the turn we will lose value from KQ/QJ/JT etc. basically one pair hands that still have outs, but I think that is offset by A rag hands that might fold here and also by checking back we might still get value from Qx on the river. So it's pretty close imo.

      As played, b/f turn is the way to go.


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        I like the way you played this. Bet sizes seem perfect to get value from draws and worse pairs, and folding to the turn check-raise should be very easy. On the turn, the hands you beat are AJ, KQ, underpairs and flush draws, but villain can have sets, straights and a variety of 2pr hands. In a single-raised pot, I'd sometimes check behind for pot control and to make it more likely that we get looked up by worse on the river, but in a 3-bet pot with a wet board, going for value on the turn makes sense.
        Bet-folding the turn is fine. Although it's a 3-bet pot, we're not committed to stacking off TPTK with this depth of money.
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