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Correct to slow it down with a set? 10NL Zoom.

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  • Correct to slow it down with a set? 10NL Zoom.

    The raise and call pre flop had me worried if i saw a lot of paint on the flop. As it happens the board came connected-paint but i was well aware AK one of the most likely hands for both villain (unknowns) range. Im not sure wether it was right to slow play due to the risk of AK or wether that line is loosing me to much equity vs hands such as QJ, Q10, TT, drawing hands and top pair hands? I would say all are in villains range for a pre-flop open and could all be played like this on the flop? The turn bet finally convinced me that he must have AK and was begging for a re-raise. I called thinking i was behind but had good 4.5/1 odds on a call and with a roughly %20 percent chance of hitting the boat or quads and with implied odds i thought the call was ok? If he had bet out above $1.00 on a bad river card i would have had to put it down. With the bet on the end i was going for max value from the read i had him on. (AK) So did i play this hand ok? I fear if there is a leak here is it from loosing tonnes of equity on the flop from lots of much worse hands especially vs 2 opponents. Regards,
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    Hi Jay,

    I think I would have raised flop; 16 combos of AK + 3 combos of QQ
    Like you said, there are more hands you are loosing value to by flatting. The risk is if we get re-raised, but I would think "cross the bridge when we come to it"


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      Thats what i thought when i looked at this hand afterwards. Would you sat this the same regardless of the amount of opponents in the pot? Or is the increased risk of AK offset by the increased likely hood of loosing hands?


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        I think the later


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          Hi Jayman,

          I too would be inclined to raise the flop. This is an action board and his smallish continuation bet doesn't radiate strength to me. I think you can be looking at a lot of hands that have something but don't love the board. Even hands as strong as AQ or AA don't particularly love this board. There's no good reason to give hands like 99, AT, or AQ a free turn, and we'd like to start building the pot vs. AQ etc. I doubt AK or QQ would bet small on such a coordinated board in a 3 way pot. And we have reasonable equity vs AK with 7 turn outs and 10 river outs. QQ is the only true disaster for us, but again really doubt that bets small (likewise I don't expect to see him show TT for the same reason). On the turn this bet sizing is almost always a sign of weakness, not strength, raise here for sure imo.
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            Hey guys, thanks for all the advice. I come from a background of playing just heads up/3 handed live, i read a lot of articles before trying out full ring online and i think i started off playing over tight/cautious, as i seemed to be getting into a lot of these position where i could have won more. Thanks again guys!



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