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10NL 6max Zoom #8 - flop min check raise on dry board

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom #8 - flop min check raise on dry board

    #8 Even though the villain is shortstacked he is a 4 tabling reg playing 17/17 in 143 hands with aggro factor of 4.5. My reason for flatting preflop is that so far he folded to every single 3bet and I obviously want some action from what looks like an aggressive opponent. His cbet is only 33% (out of 9) On such a dry board can his line mean anything but a flopped set? Can we fold AA here or do we just close our eyes and call the remainder of our stack hoping he shows up with QQ or JJ? If we put his range of 22,66,99 and KK for sets and JJ, QQ and AA for 1 pair hands poker stove says we have 50% equity on the river. Should we believe poker stove and call or is my construction of his range wrong?

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    Ouch! put yourself in a sticky spot :S
    He opened from UTG, so I think that it's perfect time to raise with our AA and cooler KK!
    If he's folded to your 3bet every single time already, then more power to a 3bet since he might start getting sick of it

    I'm not sure what to make of his min c/r line; would he do this with KK/QQ/JJ? would he do it with bluffs?
    The decision has to come OTT due to commitment level; but I won't even bother answering because I'm as confused as you are

    Keep it simple next time!


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      I like your preflop play given the info you had.

      If I slowplay AA especially against a shortstack I am usually not planning on going anywhere in the hand postflop and not twice on a dry board like this. The problem is that you hand will always be underrepresented to villain and since he still had the initiative going into the hand some weird lines might result from this.

      Even if he did flop a set or make some weird 2 pair hands there will be a ton more hands like weaker overpairs or TPs and even complete bluffs that may be in his range just as well so just keep calling down, love it.
      Live Trainer


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        Hi Flix,

        Do you think the default play would be less EV on the long run than flatting AA in this situation?



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