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10NL 6max Zoom #7 - defending vs btn min open with flopped OESD

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom #7 - defending vs btn min open with flopped OESD

    #8 The villain is a 1 tabler with stats of 23/8 in 14 hands. Question 1: Can we defend this light against a button min open? In fact what should be our calling range in these situations against a villain who I likely have at least a very small edge on postflop? Question 2: How do we proceed postflop? Since the guy looks a bit fishy is check raise on the flop a good play? Question 3: Once we check raise and get to the turn can we call with the implied odds of stacking a king? I know we are no longer drawing to the nuts so if he is already filled up we might lose a stack drawing dead... so I think I can actually answer this myself

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    I would fold preflop; I'd call with broadways, PP, Q9s/J9s might be at the bottom of my calling range here.
    I don't like calling with offsuit medium-low connectors OOP without initiative.

    I like the flop raise, we can definitely rep a set; but the question is: is this guy thinking about what we are repping or just looking at his hole cards? I would b/f (1/2 pot) turn and plan to give up on the river if we don't make a st8.


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      I like your preflop and flop play. I'd check/fold OTT since that card is unlikely to make him fold a made hand to another bet, our draw gets worse and has reverse implied odds.

      To answer your questions:

      1. This depends on many many factors like playability of the hand, villain's ranges and tendencies etc. In general it should be correct to defend a much wider range against a minraise especially if the villain is a weaker player. If he is better you probably need to make up for it by strengthening your defending range with better hands or put marginal ones like this into your folding/3-betting range.

      2. Check/raising seems fine given that button raisers usually auto c-bet especially in Zoom. You can keep firing on different turn- and/or rivercards. Calling is fine too since he gives you a great price OTF.

      3. I wouldn't call here with a weak draw like that. The boardtexture has reverse implied odds in two ways for you (paired board and 2-flush).
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