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  • LOOK at this

    i value bet this calling station who decides to min raise me i 3 bet him and he turns trips then quads just to rub it in.

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    If you actually want an analysis of this hand, can you provide relevant stats (pre-flop VPIP/PFR and post-flop AF) please?

    He's not a calling station if he raises this flop with bottom pair. Calling stations don't raise without the nuts. Calling stations... call.
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      1 sec il try and find them on pt3 he was calling a tonne of bets before this hand thats why i said he was a station


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        Cant find his stats on pt3 just searched his name aswell i know he had like 40 vpip and limped alot i was surprised to see his 3bb raise preflop, obviously his Ax hands are the only hands he raises pre, i was pretty aggro with them aces but i had to be i knew he would call i mean who min raises a cbet then call a 3bet with the lowest pair, i don't think i played this wrong im not to fussed though now either because i just got my money back.


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          I think you need to learn to use PokerTracker more effectively, if not now, then for when you post future hands for anlaysis.
          Find the hand in your database (shouldn't be hard, as AA should be listed under "holecards") and click whichever button replays the hand. (I use HEM and I'm not well acquainted with PT4, although I know it has the same functions). That should make all the HUD stats appear, so you can provide hand analysers with exactly the same stats that you had at the time the hand was played.

          In this particular scenario against a somewhat spazzy player, I'm making a slightly larger than usual 3-bet, partly because I'm out of position and want to make a lower stack to pot ratio, and partly because I expect this villain to call with (much) worse.
          As played, bet bigger on the flop. It's pretty wet, with flush and straight draws, and you want to get as much value as possible.
          If villain's post-flop AF is lower than 1.3, I can sometimes find a fold on the flop, but most of the time, I'm stacking off. Your re-raise to 83c is a great size, as it sets up an easy shove on the turn. Villain should never have a deuce here. If he had a set of tens or 9s on the flop, you were virtually drawing dead anyway, and he probably would have jammed the flop, so I'm not worried about boats. Since this is a 3-bet pot, it's perfecly fine to stack off with the biggest overpair on this board. This villain can call it off with a huge range of hands you're beating: KK-JJ (overpairs), KT/QT/JT (top pair), T9 (a second-best two pair), any two hearts or diamonds, QJ/87 (OESDs), random gutshots+overs etc, because he's just as pot-committed as you after calling on the flop.
          TT, 99 and A2/22 form such a small part of his range, that you're basically printing money here.
          Last edited by ArtySmokesPS; Tue Apr 30, 2013, 01:20 AM.
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            I got pt3 as a trial at the moment arty when it runs out im gonna decide on buying either pt4 or hem2, i think i cant get the replayer up on a trial of pt3 i get the stats off the table next time anyway, cheers



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