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10NL 6max Zoom #5 - b vs b with flopped TPTK

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom #5 - b vs b with flopped TPTK

    #5 Only 82 hands on the villain. He seems like a reg with 22/18 stats so far aggro factor 3.2 and SB steal 2/4. Do we call down or fold OTR? (I hope we should not fold the turn) Is a raise at any point of this hand an option to consider?

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    Hey Tommy,

    Your two street call says Jx or FD, but OTR what do we beat?
    We split with AJ and win against QJ and a pure bluff.
    His river sizing does not tell me he is bluffing so I'll take that from the equation. AJ/QJ might turn their hands to a bluff catcher against your busted FD since there is not much value in betting them.

    We might be looking at an A6 or Kx type of hand or some sick AQ that figured the K would be a good turn card to barrel.

    I'd fold river, and no I would not raise on any street (we fold out worse and get called/raised by better)


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      I'm gonna agree with everything geo wrote.
      The king is a pretty good card to barrel, but when you've called 2 decent bets, it's pretty hard for him to fire a third barrel with anything we beat, unless he's consciously turning AT/QJ into a bluff (if 10NL regs could actually do that!).
      The only draw on the flop bricked out, so if villain is betting the river for value, he must put us on Jx, or a Kx that floated the flop, so he can presumably beat Kx and Jx. Almost any hand containing two Broadways has us beat. I think he'll show up with A6, KJ (or better!) pretty often.

      Definitely not raising at any point post-flop, for the reasons geo said.
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