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10NL 6max Zoom #1 - isolating fish postflop

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom #1 - isolating fish postflop

    #2 Villain on the button is a reg with 46% btn steal and cbet of 82%, SB is an extremely loose passive fish with stats of 62/8 postflop aggro factor 0.6. This is a play I usually make in these situations when the button is very likely to just cbet any 2 and a fish who just calls with any pair any draw type of hand. Do you think it is a bad play overall? The risk here is that I have no idea if the reg sees that the fish is likely to call him and therefore does not really cbet any 2 but only his stronger hands? I also do not know if he can fold AJ or worse to this check raise? Do you thin this hand might be a good opportunity to make the same play as above? Pretty much the same situation with a reg with a very high flop cbet stat and a very loose passive player in the SB:
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    Hey Tommy,
    My personal preference would be to Squeeze with the A2s hand, if we know that the BTN is capable of folding to 3bets. That way, I can win the pot preflop or I can play IP vs the fish.

    Second hand is kind of tricky, we are OOP with second pair on a wet flop but we also have the Ad in our hand. I would have preferred a raise vs one opponent but with two opponents and the flop was cbet and called; so I don't know this looks like a high variance move. I'm interested to know what lines you would take if you were called?


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      Hey Geo,

      In the first hand I am shutting down completely if the button calls and do not mind getting it in vs the SB. If the button calls with a FD, well he has the odds to do it but I am not risking putting any more money in the pot while possibly being hopelessly behind. That said I thing a reg should be folding a big part of his range there and I expect to get him out of the way more times than not. The call in the SB can actually be used as a leverage against him as my move now looks much stronger and it is very unlikely I am just messing around with a flush draw when there is a fish who showed interest in the pot. 3betting pre is obviously an option but given our stack sizes I do not think I can get him to fold a lot because he knows that if he flats the fish will surely come along too. At least I would call with a big part of my range in his shoes given that A) a fish is in the hand B) we are 180BB deep

      If I decided to check raise the 2nd hand like I did in the first one I am again shutting down if the MP calls and happily value town the SB who I am sure is sitting there calling with any kind of draw. I am holding a blocker to the NFD so I can easily use my stack as a leverage against the MP who I assume is not too happy to stick around with a marginal made hand or a draw when the effetive stack size is 275BB. Maybe I am wrong, maybe not but since I was not sure I just folded in the 2nd hand. I am such a nit... couple of nut backdoor draws and I still fold when like I just said: there is a potential to win 275BB! Well, I highly doubt that the reg would just donate his stack there but if he had a Kd who knows... And did I mention a fish was in the hand? What was I thinking??


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        Mmmm... I think you might be overthinking yourself and over-leveling the average player on 10nl.
        To me, these look like high variance plays and might be a spew for 10nl; sure your red line would be going up when it works but imo, I think sticking to a more "ABC" game on micros could be a more profitable strategy. Then again, that's just my opinion.

        Let's see what the trainers got to say.



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          My red line is actually going down pretty rapidly at 10NL. I think that is a leak too. I am just a folding monkey and when I decide to make a loose call it is usually wrong I highly doubt that any winning player at any stakes at 6max has a red line looking like this:

          At least I am consistent

          And it started so well... First 10k hand with HM running my red line and winnings and everything looked just fine but then I started to feel like a submarine diving deeper and deeper slowly folding my way out of the profit. I think I have to look into my database in more detail and have some fun with statistics to see where the problem might be. The obvious one is that my cbet stats are very low at 57/45/58 but apart from that I've got no idea :S But this post is probably a bit off topic
          Last edited by TommyGun369; Tue Apr 30, 2013, 04:07 AM.


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            Hey Tommy, I had the same problem before also. You might want to work on your cbetting and combatting cbets.
            A 75% cbet stat should be optimal. You might want to look at turn scare cards to 2barrell once your cbet gets called also.
            W$WSF should be around 50%. W$WSD should be over 50% WTSD% over 24%. Look at these stats to help you identify some leaks in your game. It helped me a lot when I did some analysis on my HEM.

            Start by working on situations that occur often to help you move up into the positive zone



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              Just increasing your flop c-bet frequency to about 65% will instantly improve your winnings. If you miss the flop but are heads up in position, you should be c-betting almost always. If you bet 60% of pot, you make an instant profit if villain folds more often than 37.5% of the time. Villains usually fold to c-bets over 40% of the time. Easy game.
              Dave's archived vdeo on c-betting should give you the confidence to make more c-bets.

              I agree with geo about raising these flops being high variance. I'd avoid situations like those for the most part and just play straightforwardly. There's no real need to get into reg wars when you're just trying to break even at 10NL.
              Bracelet Winner


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                Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
                There's no real need to get into reg wars when you're just trying to break even at 10NL.
                That is a very good point actually Thank you Arty and Geo for your advice. I really appreciate it umbup: Tommy



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