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10NL 6max Zoom #1 - can we ever call down?

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  • 10NL 6max Zoom #1 - can we ever call down?

    Hi everyone, So it looks like it is not only a downswing at 10NL 6max zoom but I am really not able to beat these games. About 120k hands in and I am still a break even player. This tells me that I am far from playing optimal poker and am probably making a ton of mistakes and burning money in situations which can be easily avoided. I apologize in advance but it looks like I am going to be spamming you with a lot of hands from now until I finally improve my game and beat these silly nano stakes (most of those spots might seem trivial for you but they confuse me a lot) The worst thing is that this is just 10NL!!! I wonder what it takes to be profitable at 100NL and above? #1 The villain in this hand is basically an unknown shortstacked 1 tabler. Do we fold OTT, OTR or is there ever a reson for calling him down all the way?
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    Replayer error: No data found


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      Works for me but I will upload it again


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        Actually as I am looking at the hand now I am starting to realize what a silly question it is to ask if we can go bluff catching for all 3 streets... Every single draw got there, every worse queen made 2 pair or a straight basically everything which flopped some equity got there so I have to put him on a stone cold bluff to even consider calling. It's probably best to fold OTT. Facing an utg range and 2 barrels should be enough for me to fold. The only thing that does not make sense from his part is the bet sizing... but hey 1 tablers tend to do stupid things anyway so that read is nothing more than a costly assumption


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          Hey Tommy,
          Works fine now.

          preflop: ok
          OTF: ok
          Turn: is a fold; against a range of { KK-JJ, AQs+, KJs+, AQo+, KJo+ } we have 16% Equity the pot odds are 23% and I don't think we have any implied odds if we hit a T OTR
          The board is so coordinated and we are facing a second barrel; there are many hands that might c/c turn - even AA might not bet turn.


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            Hey Tommy,

            first off let me say I think it's great that you post all those hands, it shows that you are striving to work on your game which already puts you ahead of the majority of your competition

            Discussing your hands on PSO will help you greatly with this so keep your head up and hang in there.

            Against an unknown shorty you could 3-bet smallish pre planning to fold to a shove or flatcall like you did. I'd also call flop since we can be ahead of a few hands from both villain's bluffing and valuerange. Turn changes a lot since many of his value- and bluffing hands that we were beating OTF have improved. I'd fold without any specific reads here.

            As played I'd ofc also fold river.
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