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Choosing the right table

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  • Choosing the right table

    Hi i am look for some advice about picking the cash table use in the /Average pot/players pre flop/hands pre hour/vpip stat's i am looking for LAG players 6max so if anyone cud help with the numbers i need to be looking for plz
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    Picking Right Table


    I assume you are looking at tables that fit your bakroll. That comes first!

    Even when tables are full--as seats will always open up--I watch various tables before joining. But watch what you wish for! I sat at a table where one person bet, everyone passed and that was that! Very, very boring. The same is true if the majority are betting. Typically, as I have found, most are betting with unbelievable 87o, A2o in early position as they have no sense of position, and the list we are provided with in, I believe, Lesson 2 of Poker Basics. (I keep a copy of those lists by my computer.) If you can't find what I am referring to--as it has crucial info, (let me know by PSO message mail and I will find it.)

    So that leaves a balance and stacks can be a hint to that: I find that a good game, with laggers which you will find everywhere, shows a range of stacks. So a $10 buy-in cash game will have folks varying from $3 to even 2 players near $25. You come up the middle, following PSO guidelines.

    From one PSOer to another,all the best!


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      Hi Stocky!

      I'm going to write an article all about table (and seat) selection for my blog in a couple of weeks, but for now I'd advise you to list all the tables in the lobby by VPIP (if that stat isn't showing, right-click on the bar that says "table, stakes... etc" and add VPIP). Then you can click on that heading to sort the tables by VPIP. You'll make more money on tables where the play is loose and there are several players seeing each flop. Be aware that all the regs know this, so often there will be a long waiting list for the tables with the highest average VPIP; an average which is usually high because of just one spectacularly bad player. Unfortunately, that player is often busto by the time you get a seat.
      Colour-coding villains is a great help. If you've identified a few bad players and colour-coded them, you'll be able to find them easily enough in the lobby, by sorting tables by VPIP and then clicking down the list to see who's playing on them.
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        THANKS for the replys DrEllenCait & Arty and looking forward to the blog



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