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What did i do wrong

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  • What did i do wrong

    Open raiser was a nit and with all the callers i was thinking im not in a good spot to 3bet here i might face a re raise and the nit utg could easily be holding QQ plus i thought i would get atlest to callers on the flop, i thought this nit was gonna slow play a set but i get no callers such a shame could of made a mint here should have i checked the flop?
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    Damn its annoying when you dnt get payed for these hands


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      The AK hand is played more or less perfectly.
      When a nit raises UTG, it's absolutely standard to flat with AK in position, in order to keep his range wide. Re-raising (3-betting) will make him fold his weaker hands (e.g. AQ, TT) and only continue with hands that are beating you.
      Having said that, with all these callers, there's a case to be made for raising as a squeeze play. Nit will probably stack off QQ+/AK, but the dead money might make it +EV to get all in pre with 40% equity. Actually, in this spot, squeezing might not be the correct play. You and villain are both quite deep, with well over 120bb each. I think it's a mistake to stack off AK with this depth of money. It would be KK+ for me.
      As played, you flop the nuts and villain doesn't c-bet. This is amazing, because a nit's range of 99+/AK smashes this flop. At worst he has a pair + gutshot. The only hands he check folds here would be stuff like 88.
      I'm definitely betting for value on this heavy flop. It's freaky that you don't get any action at all with so many players in the pot. Maybe they all have small pairs and were set-mining.

      The 66 hand is standard. I might sometimes slowplay, depending on villains' tendencies, as you have the deck crippled. You're usually only gonna get action from overpairs and 87, so it's a little thin to bet here. Generally speaking, though, slowplaying is to be avoided. Flopping top boat or quads are about the only times I'd not c-bet a made hand. I guess this is one of those situations, but I'd usually bet anyway against unknowns, as they make weird floats with overcards on paired boards, presuming you missed, and if they pair up on the turn, you can win a bigger pot.

      You really shouldn't be "annoyed" about not getting paid. In fact, you should be happy every time you make 12c of profit, because 6bb in 100 hands is a decent winrate.
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        You really shouldn't be "annoyed" about not getting paid. In fact, you should be happy every time you make 12c of profit, because 6bb in 100 hands is a decent winrate.

        Ok il keep that in mind its just a shame when you don't get a big payday when other times you get called and they make a better hand on the river, your right though at least im not losing money i got you to thank for that cheers.



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