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2NL flopped a set

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  • 2NL flopped a set

    Do you think i should of re raised the turn
    Last edited by mike2198; Sun Apr 28, 2013, 05:44 PM.

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    Firstly, you didn't flop a set. You made trips. The difference is subtle but important. With a flopped set, you need a pocket pair, and then you have 7 outs to make a boat/quads on the turn, and 10 outs on the river. With trips, you only have 4 outs to make a boat or quads, and you're often going to get action from hands that already made a boat.
    This flop is quite wet, despite it being a paired board, because 7s and 6s are connected, and there's a flush draw. I'd sometimes lead out here, because I expect to get action in a multiway pot, and I don't want to give out free cards to draws.
    Checking to the pre-flop raiser is good if you're sure he will make a c-bet, but I'd expect him to only bet into 3 players if he has an overpair. Hands like AK are sometimes checking and going for a delayed c-bet.
    Here villain bets close to pot. He's repping an overpair, which you're obviously beating. The other villains fold, so you're heads up and are almost certainly winning. If villain has precisely 77, then it's just a cooler. Since flatting the bet might look strong ("I have a 6") I'd usually just check-raise the flop. Villain might think we are over-valuing a 7, or semi-bluffing with a straight or flush draw.
    Another reason to raise the flop is that some turn cards will kill your action. If villain had two black kings, he'll hate turns like the 5h or Th that would complete obvious draws. He's almost certainly checking behind on the turn if a scary card hits, so get your value on the flop, when villain is much more likely to pay you off.
    As played, you check-call the flop, and a semi-scary card hits. If you had an OESD with 98, the 5 gives you a straight. Villain should also be scared of sets/boats. I think he's crazy to pot the turn if he has an overpair, unless he views you as a calling station.
    Since you didn't raise the flop, you have to raise the turn. You want to maximise your profit so villain doesn't check behind on the river. (You also deny him the chance to hit a 2-outer).
    Your raise is barely more than a minraise. Please raise bigger. Seeing as villain likes his hand enough to make 2 bets of close to pot, put him all in. If he folds, that's fine. He defined his hand, so your raise is almost never a bluff (It's a classic Baluga theorem spot). Whether he puts you on trips, a boat or a straight, he knows his one pair is no good.
    So he folds to the turn check-raise. I think he would have called (or even 3-bet) on the flop, meaning you win a whole stack when he's committed on the turn.


    P.S. You didn't re-raise the turn. Villain bet and you raised. A re-raise would be a 3-bet by villain.
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      Yh he was pretty tight aggro so i didn't think he would raise 67s from utg+1 77 maybe but seen as i had the 6 with an A kicker i was fairly confident i was ahead, i checked the flop because he was always c betting the flop and turn and shutting down on the river, which is why i raised the turn hoping he would want to see another card, my raise was small because i was fairly sure he had an over pair at best and i wanted to get abit more value out of him.

      I think he would have called (or even 3-bet) on the flop, meaning you win a whole stack when he's committed on the turn.

      This is a good idea i never thought of that one
      Last edited by mike2198; Sun Apr 28, 2013, 07:37 PM.


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        At nanostakes, the most straightforward line is usually the one the leads to most profit. You flopped a strong but vulnerable hand, so get in there betting and raising. Slowplaying or getting tricky just causes problems, as I'm always saying.
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