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Easy money

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  • Easy money

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    Hi Mike,

    Positional call preflop deep stacked is good. Post flop drawing at your hand on the cheap is fine, although something we cover in live training is even at 2nl, weak bets generally mean weak hands. With V1 min-betting into the field and everyone just calling, you could have probably raised at any point and taken the pot away. Having the hand equity of a flush draw to fall back on if called makes it a nice semi-bluffing spot.

    Against thinking players, the river raise is a nice (and credible) representation of holding an 8. Against non-thinking players who just have weak hands, representation is irrelevant, you're just attacking weak ranges, and while the 8 pairing should be a concern to have hit one of them, the nice thing about position is the action is weak again indicating it didn't. So it's a matter of reads, I would never bluff raise if a calling station was in the mix, but otherwise it's a reasonable spot.
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      Yh its calling stations that i lose money to because when you raise AK preflop and you miss the flop they always seem to hit a low pair and if you cbet they call everything and you lose the showdown. I cant say for sure but i probably made more money of semi decent players than people with no clue because you can read semi decent players and scare them off same for weak players but these calling stations you lose little chunks and sometimes get a nice hand that pays off, so i turn into a nit when then theres calling stations and lags at the table

      If im on a upswing these are the best players to have at your table imo but when you can never hit the board you want weak players you can steal blinds and get them folding to cbets.


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        Easy Money

        Hi Dave,

        I just responded to a question 'How to Find Right Table?', including laggers. He should have been at this table! I assume, NO DOUBT, that you had identified all these laggers, thus to shove would not fit a smart strategy; rather, let the laggers build the pot, then bet as though you have an Ace or Ace plus small pair.

        Indeed, easy money but it seems to have had a not so easy strategy behind it!



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          Ellen: LAG means loose aggressive. The villains on this table are not aggressive. The guy leading into everyone else was making minbets. He's not putting pressure on anyone. Indeed, if he has a weak ace (his most likely holding) he's basically saying "Please draw out on me for a bargain price, or bluff me off my hand".

          If anything, Mike played this hand like a LAG, although he saved his aggression until the river. A good LAG will always call on the button with hands like 76s, and then make semi-bluff raises when he has a draw on the flop.
          LAGs make bets and raises. Weak players make small bets, and calling stations... call.

          LAGs can be hard to play against, because they make bluffs. Stations are easy money. You just have to make a hand and bet for value.
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            I would always much rather be playing against loose-passive calling stations than semi-decent players Mike... you will make far more money in the long run off stations! We make money from our opponents mistakes, and stations make far more than decent players. The key is that we properly adjust to exploit them. You miss the flop and they call, so what? Take the free cards they always give (exploiting that mistake) and sometimes they win that small pot. The way we beat them is to never bluff, and value bet them to death when we have a hand (exploiting their favorite mistake). Bluffing at a station is horrendous. If you were up against a wild/crazy bluffer, how would you adjust? Call them down lighter to snap their too frequent/wild bluffs. Well, a calling station's favorite mistake is calling down too light, right? If you bluff at them, you're taking their favorite mistake and turning it into a correct play. That's why we should never be bluffing stations.
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