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Zoom 2NL: Flopped 2 pair

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  • Zoom 2NL: Flopped 2 pair

    I love getting limped into with trash hands that flop something. The re-raise on the flop was a bit of a mistake, was anticipating the SB calling for some bizarre raise and just clicked back after his click back. I really think I misplayed the turn. I realised that the paired board kills some of my showdown strength. My immediate reaction after the hand is that I shouldn't have bet the turn, but not sure what the best line would have been. I'm inclined to think check calling anything that isn't too big on the turn and river, but I have no real idea on what I'd consider too big...
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    I think leading out on the flop is the best line to take, both for value and to make the hand easier to play. Getting fancy and looking to check-raise not only misses value when villains check behind, it can also create tricky spots later on, because you haven't narrowed villains' ranges.
    If you lead out, and get raised and re-raised, then villain is repping a set. If the raise is small, you can call, as you still have outs against anything but TT, but if it's a big raise, then you can fold your two pair. Villains tend to play honestly in multiway pots. They can't be bluffing often on this dry board (J9 and 97 are the only OESDs).

    As played, I'd be very concerned one of these villains had a set of deuces. The turn is really interesting. Did they just make quads? It's possible they hit the one-outer, but if a villain has 88 for a boat, that also means the 8 on the flop was the case 8. I think I'd check and call a bet of up to half pot on the turn, hoping villain is overvaluing a hand like AT, or has a straight draw with something like J9. I'd be trying to get to showdown cheaply, despite my apparently strong holding, because it's unclear if we're way ahead or way behind. The old cliché "Don't go broke in a limped pot" applies here. If you end up getting stacks in, villain will show you the near nuts.
    On the river, I'm check-calling as before. It's really weird to see villain checks back, so I guess he had a busted draw all along.
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      Thanks for the helpful info. I think I've got a few bad habits I need to break to play ABC consistently...

      In the end, they had the OESD (the J9) and got the better 2 pair.
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