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QQ vs KK

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  • QQ vs KK

    (Edited - apologies, didn't read the sticky beforehand) This hand occurred in the Saturday Game and I was asked by ChewMe1 to post it for analysis. Earlier on the villain and I had been involved in another raising war pre-flop. I folded, and was shown AA. In the few hands we played, I never got the impression that this opponent was getting out of line or taking any liberties. Anyway, back to the hand in question. I felt my queens were beat so I laid them down, but I guess I'd like to know whether or not it's a good fold in the long run. Looking forward to your feedback!
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    Hi Aeolian,

    So we pick up QQ and 3b an opener, which is fine. The button 4-bets us, but not only that they do so by clicking it back and min-betting. If the player is not super aggro, this bet sizing is often a tell of a premium hand, AA or KK. The read is that this villain was not getting out of line or taking liberties, so I'm pretty concerned about my QQ tbh with this bet sizing tell. Still, we are never folding now as we're 230bb's effective and only have to call a minimum reraise to continue... the only question is do we flat call this or do we 5-bet. You chose to 5b, but I don't like that line tbh. If we are up against AA we will get 6-bet and be in a really poor position of having to fold a hand that has real value (a Q on the flop and we could end up getting a double up from AA in a 3b pot, or at least win a large one), or get ourselves committed when probably behind. I would prefer to flat call and see the flop. With it being 389, I'd probably check-call once. If they barrel the turn I'd be willing to give it up. Yes this line is exploitable but the read we have combined with the bet sizing tell indicates we are not being exploited here.

    As played, the villain flats our 5B. Given the history I think this takes some AA combos out of their range, as we'd expect them to usually 6b them. But they can sometimes be flatting aces to be trappy, and can still have KK wanting to see a flop with no ace before committing.

    We c-bet the flop and get raised small, but with the preflop action it's enough to commit us. I do think this is a fold. It's very read specific, stemming back to the history here and the preflop 4b sizing tell. I think the villain's range is weighted to AA and KK, as they will tend to flat or 4b bigger with AK, JJ, TT preflop.

    With a low stack to pot ratio and an overpair of Q's, we should normally commit to stacks, but in this somewhat unique situation I don't think it's going to be profitable to do so. That means we probably made mistakes earlier in the hand that got us to this spot (in this case bloating the pot with a 5b vs. a probably monster range).
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      Yes, I did get a bit carried away there with the 5-bet. My table image was very loose, so that was in the back of my mind. But I suppose I should have known much earlier that my queens were no good. Thanks Dave.



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