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50NL 6max. Fishy me 3b 9Ts from sb, cold 4b, 5b gets me out of trouble

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  • 50NL 6max. Fishy me 3b 9Ts from sb, cold 4b, 5b gets me out of trouble


    I have my own reasons for not having auto top off set to 100bb and that may give a perception to other players that maybe i'm a fish?

    Anyway no reads apart from the btn and bb have red labels meaning I have seen them open raise at a cash table before (no idea what stakes).

    The btn is a 1/2 stacker who min open raises, I 3b 9Ts from sb into $114 in the bb who raises. Is the terminology here "a cold 4b"?

    1) Do you think the bb was just looking at the fishy players to make a decision to take this action?

    2) Do you like >>my 5b<< with this observation or should I have never been involved in the hand?
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    Hey ForrestFive,

    At first I would like to comment a bit on the fact that u r playing with less than 100bbs. Back in the day I used to do the same kind of thing to promote a fishy image , but let's be honest with ourselves:
    1. If your opponent is actually a fish, he won't read anything into your <100bbs stack. so no advantage there.
    2. If your opponent is a reg, he will know better and take a quick look at your stats; reading smthng like 26/20 with 3-bet% 6, he will immediately understand u r no fish.
    Therefore, having gone through this mentality I would just say simply auto top-up to 100bbs and gain yourself the extra 4-12bbs when you get into an all-in situation. (4-12bbs because I suppose u are not topping up when u drop below 94bbs; the other would notice immediately u know what u r doing with the auto top-up)

    As far as the actual hand is concerned I don't quite get why did you label someone red or whatever if you don't have some hands on them(assuming u are using a HUD).
    In general I would say that I don't particularly like that move here because it is simply a shot in the dark. Without concrete evidence to do so(meaning a decent number of hands; btn steal percentage, bb 4-bet percentage), u r just praying it will work. However the logic behind ur move is quite concrete, but without reads it is sort of meh....
    If however u knew the btn opens an insane range on the btn 40% and the bb understands/knows that you would 3-bet the loose btn light at that spot, then with a hand with blockers (AKQJ) it might be a good shot to 5-bet bluff.

    Hope this helps!


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      hey FF

      The term is cold four bet yes.

      This is an ambitious play. If the BB is seeing the BTN for a fish he should assume that a) the fish doesn't fold often and that b) you are going after the fish with an extended value range. Because of a) he should be doing the same, meaning 99+AQ are easy four bets for him. That might mean that he is bluffable in this spot because he has some hands that aren't QQ+AK that he is going to go with. At the same time he probably doesn't think that the BTN just automatically has a fold button and he is committing himself versus the BTN.

      Your sizing is good though, any bigger would be a mistake I think. And also, if you get flatted, you have a hand that flops well, so that's ok.

      I would have probably started the hand with a flat call preflop and as played I would have folded to the four bet.



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