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NLH 0.02/0.05 6Max deep, AQ off suite.

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  • NLH 0.02/0.05 6Max deep, AQ off suite.

    Villain stats - VP 26/PR17/3B14/CB- (24hands)

    I was wondering if this was a good play or just crazy and got lucky that he folded.

    The way I see it is I had the pre-flop lead and playing aggressive style (CB 100%) why would he not check to me. Instead a rather large raise (80%pot) just seemed as he wanted me to fold. I also believe the way I played the hand looks strong. Anyway your thoughts are greatly appreciated to determine if I should keep this play in my game or if it is too volatile.

    Thanks Callum

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    Hi kidpkr,

    First I think flatting rather than 3-betting pre can be better here, as we have a hand that has decent value against his opening range and are in position, but re-raising will tend to fold out quite a few of the worse dominated hands, and we can't really play this for a 4b if he raises again.

    I think your play makes sense, but prefer to execute a bit differently. The lead out on the flop is quite often a draw or 1 pair hand... in this case there's not really much possible, so it looks like a middling pair like 77/A8, or just a stab trying to take it down. I like calling in position to float him, which is just how we would (should I think) play a big pair here. A fair bit of the time the villain will just check-fold the turn when their "shot" doesn't work out. In this case he leads again however... it just doesn't make sense that he would have a strong hand and be leading big twice, so if we are going to try and take this pot away I think the best timing is right on the turn:

    1) Top pair has changed, A8 doesn't feel nearly as strong now.
    2) It's still cheaper for him to get away from a raise now than if he bets a pair on the river.
    3) On the river he's only got 5.58 left and there's 3.87 in the pot, meaning he could foul up an attempt to apply pressure by betting too large, and feeling like he can't fold a pair any more, where as on the turn he can definitely still fold a pair if he thinks he's beat.
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