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2NL FR Zoom: silly river bet?

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  • 2NL FR Zoom: silly river bet?

    hey there so this hand really confused me, calling a raise with KQ was out of character for me anyway but hopefully i can at least learn from it. had no stats on villian as hud wouldnt load for zoom looking at hand history it was vp 14/pf 10 only 40 hands though. when the flop came i instantly thought oh oh but called the cbet then when the turn was checked to me i sensed weakness and thought maybe a pocket pair below kings likewise when the river was checked, in hindsight i guess he was worried about a 2 pair or was just letting me hang myself. should i just have been checking behind? i was thinking smaller bet sizes would get worse hands to call which i wanted but maybe larger would have been more informative?

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    Hi jmac,

    Definitely just fold preflop to an EP open, or a really tight player. Here UTG+2 with no reads it's probably best to fold, we have no idea how wide his range is or how we are going to play this hand profitably without reads.

    Flop call is standard. Turn we can either bet or check behind, planning to bet the river if he checks again, and call if he bets river. When you do bet certainly you are betting for value so you want to choose bet sizing that can get called by more worse hands. It's optimistic to think we can get 3 full streets of value (without reads) so generally am trying for 2 streets. Here it's probably better to go for the 2nd street on the turn since a lot of river cards will make the board even more scary to TT-QQ. You could try throwing in a token value bet on the river here, while we can't figure him to pay off a 3rd street with worse for a normal sized bet, maybe something like 1/4th pot or .20c again on the river is an offer he just can't refuse.

    If you are using the latest version of your tracker (HM2 or PT4) you should be able to configure the HUD to work with zoom or rush. Definitely can in PT4, and I had HEM working with rush when I used HM1, so I'm sure HM2 can as well.
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      hi thanks so this is pretty much an if in doubt chuck it out kinda hand then, i was wondering what a good calling range for similar circumstance would be maybe 5%?

      i was able to get hm2 hud working with zoom had to restart in administrator mode been days since i closed the program so forgot about the pop up telling me what to when it starts... i wish i got a dollar for every time i forgot something that would be great bankroll builder



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