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50NL FR Zoom: Hero Call?

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  • 50NL FR Zoom: Hero Call?

    This hand is from 50NL FR Zoom. The villain is an aggressive Goldstar running 15% VPIP, 12% PFR, 7% 3-bet and 100% C-bet over 400 hands. This seems a bit agro compared to most winning regs at 25NL and 50NL. I am very careful about calling pf 3-bets, but here I had position and felt I was ahead of enough of his range to make calling worth while. His flop c-bet was expected and the flop seemed pretty dry. I decided to call with the intention of betting/raising the turn if it wasn't an A. The turn card didn't seem to hurt me. The villain's all in bet really looked like he desperately wanted me to fold rather than call. If he had an overpair or AQ, I would have expected a check-raise. Yet, with his awkward stacksize, I guess it could be for value. I rarely make hero calls on Zoom, but This seemed like a good spot for me to make an exception. Would you recommend any changes to my line? Thanks! Roland GTX

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    Hi Greg,

    Easy fold imo. The only stat that looks overly aggro is the 100% c-bet tbh, the rest looks pretty normal to me.

    The preflop call is pretty marginal imo. He's not likely to be 3-betting light very often vs. an open raise from your position. We know if we call he's betting any flop, and this will also set up a roughly pot sized turn shove by him. If you think he's 3-betting it it wide enough then 4b/get it in vs. a 60 bb stack.

    Not sure why you'd expect him to check-raise the turn with only a pot sized bet left? Your action looks pretty strong, calling pre and calling the flop bet on a totally dry board, AQ is a real possibility for you to be holding here and he doesn't care, he's shipping anyway and fully expecting AQ to call him. If he has AK and is taking this line to get you off JJ/TT, it would probably work against me given the situation (what's his turn barreling frequency? Turn decision with no turn read?). Some players it's an easy call vs. their range but here I think we're in bad shape too often, and still having to fade at least 6 outs vs. the few bluffs in his range.
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      Thanks Dave,

      Yeah, he was holding AKo. I called and won the pot, but had a sneaking suspiscion that I had made some poor choices somewhere along the line. Apparently I made several...




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