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how bad was my river call?

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  • how bad was my river call?

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    Personally I don't like your play on any street. 5:1 pot odds OOP with middle suited connectors is a leak, IMO. If UTG is passive I recommend a raise, otherwise fold. Otherwise why get involved in something that is going to be - EV on 90%, or more, flops?

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      No way we are folding river. But the question is, could we have saved any money otherwise? I think yes. Fold pre-flop. Playing OOP with a small-middle SC with no initiative is not a great idea. I'd complete with hands like QJ, KJ, Axs, something that plays well multi-way.


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        Hi kingkong,

        I don't mind the preflop call for half a bb just given being 100bb's deep with a probable fish (limping UTG). You're still not utilizing any reads, which makes it unduly hard on yourself... with reads raising or folding could be preferred for sure.

        On the flop I would lead right out. We can clearly bet for value with the equity of a pair+FD, it's not terribly likely someone holds an ace so maybe we'll get 2 folds but that's fine, as the alternative is offering a free card to 4 random overcards, and when we improve we'll still have a hard time getting much action.

        Turn I think calling is fine, drawing to a diamond or 6 with some implied odds as it seems we may be up against at least 1 ace here. Only caution is if we make a diamond, lead out, and get raised big, it's probably a fold then as we're losing to all boats plus basically most flushes as well.

        River call is pretty sketchy, we are losing to A6 and 33 (and a limped AA pre obv). And villain can also show up with connectors or big-little suited that contain a 6, but we chop with all those. The only real chances for us facing the shove are 1) he has A3 and is clueless, and 2) he's bluffing. Both these seem fairly unlikely, so it's reluctantly a fold imo.
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          yes giving the pot odds on the call I should have folded. I was only beating a bluff. like I thought it was a fish call.



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