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2NL with TT

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  • 2NL with TT

    It is hands like these that are hard on my teeth as I grind them in frustration and try to restrain myself expressing myself in non-constructive ways. I keep hearing over and over that fish are good for us. We just have to adjust to exploit them. I agree that they will lose money playing like this in the long run. But that doesn't mean I'm going to win money from them in the long run. I'll never see him again. Please tell me how to play this differently so that I am not losing chips to horrible play.

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    Hey 85. You got your money in with the best hand, that's the best thing a player can ever hope to accomplish, unfortunately there is no known method of turning variance off. That guy hit 1 of his only 5 outs, as disgusting as it may be that's just poker. All you can do is make a note, label him and take his money next time you see him. If he can be searched by the search feature then look for him when you log in. You never know when you will see him again. This guy probably left the table thinking he played well. He is the type that you will make money from down the road. I know it sucks but all you can do is pat yourself on the back and keep making the most correct moves umbup:.


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      keep playing


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        I would suggest better table selection would help here. A short full ring table with two short stacks is not going to be in our best interests here .




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          reply to hand

          To be honest fast there is nothing you really did wrong maybe not play the flop as aggresive to see if the draws came in feel you are behind you could have folded. But you played the hand exactly how i would play it. Do not be results orientated as that is not good for your mind and focus, but in the long run solid poker gives solid results, and fish is a collective maybe you might not play the same fish but you might play the fish who just did exactly the same to me and i might play the so called fish you just played. Although to be honest the villian in your hand was not totally out of line to call preflop with 67s although he was a bit over aggresive on the flop, but i see alot worse. Just keep doing the correct plays fast and in the future these little set backs will be water of a ducks back.
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            What was your read on this villain prior to this hand?

            I ask, because that would have a big effect on how I play the flop. If villain is passive and stationy, then I'm betting bigger on the flop, expecting him to call with all his one pair hands and all his draws (of which there are several on this flop). A passive station is never raising the flop with a hand you beat, so if he was playing 30/2 with an AF of less than 1.5, I'd actually fold to the flop raise, because it screams set/two pair/overpair, and you have the worst possible overpair, drawing to 2 outs.

            If this villain is more aggressive and will raise with draws, weak pairs, or even total air, then getting it in on the flop makes a lot of sense. It's the line that gets most value when you're ahead.

            As played, you did get it on the flop, and this villain was way behind but managed to suck out. As said by others above, the best you can do in poker is get your money in good. You just have to accept the suck outs, because bluffers and draw-chasers will be your biggest donators in the long run.


            P.S. I also agree with topthecat about table selection. Not only is it bad for your winrate to be on a table with shorties, you really don't want a loose/aggressive player on your direct left, because you'll rarely be able to steal his blinds, and he'll make life tricky for you when you see a flop and have a marginal hand.
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              Thanks for all the responses. Discussing it on here really helps me avoid the bad mindset that can be caused by losing profits like this.

              The opponent was a loose and sloppy player bleeding chips into every hand and I had been folding a lot. I agree he was fine in calling pre-flop. And I wasn't at all surprised by the re-raise on the flop which caused me to think he was on a flush draw. I wanted to make it expensive for him to draw so I 3-bet and was very surprised that he called. When he showed his hand I just couldn't make sense of it.

              Regarding the table, I had just clicked the sit-out next BB button because the table had quickly gone from 2 empty seats to mostly vacant and I was wrapping up a session. It's just frustrating because I can play for an hour or two to try and inch my way upto +50 BBs on the table and then one nasty hand sets you back. Thanks again!



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