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6-max 2NL zoom - AKo on SB

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  • 6-max 2NL zoom - AKo on SB

    IS my raise here good after 3 players calling ? My plan was to fold to all-in except from the short stack which I'd call. Thanks umbup:

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    My decision is totally read based in this situation, if the guy is loose aggresive i am willing to stack off against him. If the guy is a nit a could find a fold, but i do not want to be folding AK too often especially at 2nl when the play is more on the loose side when you see the same player turn up with AJ or something of similar strength. If i have no reads i will think the player is more on the fishy side and this would help me make my decision...
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      3-betting to 32c and planning to fold if you get shoved on is not a great plan. In fact, it's setting your AK on fire. If the plan is to take down the pot pre-flop, but fold when you get raised, then you could make this squeeze play with 72o.

      I'd sometimes actually just fold pre-flop with all this action, because the UTG raise plus two calls means AK is likely losing to at least one of these players. Calling oop when you're likely to miss the flop isn't so great either.
      UTG is very unlikely to flat your 3-bet. If he has a hand like AK or QQ+, he's shoving every time. He probably folds all his worse hands, so your 3-bet is only going to get action from better ones. If villain was looser and more aggressive, as Glenn points out, you could get it in here.

      There's actually so much money in the middle that you can almost stack off profitably even if villain shows you QQ+/AK, because you'll have 40% equity, and the pot is laying very similar odds. (You'll be shipping an additional 2.04 to win a total pot of $4.84. 204/484 = 42%.)
      If villain has any worse hands than QQ/AK in his value-shoving range for this spot, then going all in will be profitable. You'll usually be the underdog, but by bloating the pot with your 3-bet, you have to call for pot odds.

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