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Pocket KK 2nl

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  • Pocket KK 2nl

    i had KK on the button he had A5 mid position he raised 3bb i re raised him x3 to 18c he then min raised to 36c i called flop comes

    3 5 2 he checks the flop i raise 50c he shoves me all in for 80c now im thinking he s either got an over pair which i beat all but aces or he hit a set but would you raise pocket 5s 3s or 2s that much pre flop i wouldn't but he might if he was loose but obviously i got to call now anyway he ends up rivering 2 pair he sucks out, my pocket aces and kings cracked 5 or 6 times in a row ok fair enough.

    My question is did i raise the flop to much vs a loose player i know for a fact a tigh player wouldnt be calling this unless he had an overpair which would be very likely with the pre flop action which brings me to the point if he was a tight player i would of been missing out on value if he had AKs but that flop was dangerous for me if he had an ace so maybe 50c was right but would that be a good bet if i had a big stack, because i would be likely to check the turn with just 1 pair

    As for this loose player could have i saved myself money by betting say a 3rd pot but then do i fold when he re raises i don't think so but if i got to the river to see that ace i might of saved myself 50c but then i still couldn't fold because i don't think he had a set i doubt hes bluffing and how often do you make two pair on the river so i would have to call i guess i want to know did i play this hand right?

    I think because we were short stacked and with the pre flop action i had to see this hand through but if i had $5 and he had $5 should i raise that 50c with just an over pair because if they call you know its gonna be a really expensive 1 pair the question is with what information i had which was i was very likely ahead all the way to the river should i be making the pot so big whether i know im ahead or not with a big stack would it be profitable playing like that in the long run or should i pot control a bit better even when i know im well ahead.

    If he went all in when there was no chips in the middle because because it was just a standard raise to 3bb i could fold easily because now hes more likely to have a two pair or a set

    Sorry for the essay i just need to know did i play this hand correctly i cant afford to keep losing pots like this lol

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    if you are a fav when u put the money in u played it right , he hit one of his 9 outs


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      Why did you just call the 4-bet minraise pre-flop? If he has aces, you're going broke no matter what. Just get your money in pre-flop so there are no tricky spots post-flop.

      As played, you can just call on the flop or try and get all in. Ideal play will depend on stack sizes, which is why I'd prefer to see the hand replayer. On a 532 board, you'll get action from sets for sure, and they certainly make up some of villain's range precisely because you let him see a flop for a cheap price. More likely holdings are 66-QQ and AA. You're way ahead of that range, so should be happy to stack off.

      I've been saying this a lot lately, but I'll keep saying it until I'm blue in the face: Don't slowplay or get tricky with your monster hands. With AA/KK, you should keep betting and raising pre-flop, trying to get all in at the earliest opportunity. Not only does taking the straightforward line lead to maximum value (getting your money in good), it makes post-flop play a whole lot easier. 3-betting and 4-betting KK pre-flop sets up a low stack to pot ratio (big pot, short stacks) so it's absolutely standard to get it all in on the flop if you have an overpair.

      When you get tricky pre-flop, you're left with weird stack sizes that make you unsure whether you should commit to stacking off or not. Indeed, you're basically allowing a villain to suck out. Don't let him play perfectly against you. Let him make a big mistake, by raising for value when you're ahead.

      My advice is quite simple: play straightforwardly. You have a big hand, so build a big pot. If the pot is big on the flop, get your money in. Easy game.
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        I didn't think i was slow playing that hand, i thought it was standard to just call the re raise after i re raised him, so are you telling me if i had a $5 stack and you can get all in pre flop with KK you would? would you do that with QQ KK AA, i was just looking at it as a 1 pair, I was thinking all in aces pre flop but when i have KK and an ace hits the flop a big raise from villain i would fold without a second thought

        I cant find the hand it was from last night i got off after it happened we were close to $2 i think


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          Just thought i would add in that situation if he called my re raise that 50c bet on the flop was all good then or would you just get all in with the last 80c or so that i had


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            It's not standard at all to flat a 4-bet with KK, especially at 2NL with 100bb stacks. I've flatted with KK pre-flop a few times, but I had specific reasons for doing so (e.g. it appeared to be the best way to gain value against a nit UTG). Most of the time, you should be trying to get all your money in the middle ASAP.
            QQ is different. Against some players in some situations, it's a stack off hand. In other spots, I wouldn't even 3-bet with queens.
            Post-flop, one pair (even an overpair) in a single-raised pot is somewhat marginal, because villain's range is wide, containing various suited connectors and small pairs.
            Pre-flop, KK is way ahead of everything but AA. If you re-raise KK, then much worse hands that might have good equity against you (like 98s, A5s) will usually fold, and you'll only get action from pocket pairs (JJ-TT etc) that are in terrible shape. You want to raise pre-flop so that speculative hands aren't getting a good price. In effect, you want villain to continue with hands (e.g. medium pairs) that are drawing to 2 outs, but will still pay you off when the board comes all low cards. e.g. When the board comes 532 in a 4-bet pot, villain almost never has a set, because he folded 55-22 pre-flop. He's more likely to have QQ-99, which are hands that will like the flop, even though they are virtually drawing dead.

            If you'd 4-bet to 45c or so, there would be almost a dollar in the pot on the flop, so with $1.55 behind, it would be simple to bet the flop (about 60c) and shove the turn, or bet the flop, call villain's shove.
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              Ok il start re raising the KK pre as much as possible lol



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