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nl5 sb vs bb KJ TP

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  • nl5 sb vs bb KJ TP

    hello guys how would you play this hand against unknown?
    I hate to be bluffed out but on those spots I didnt know where I standed so I folded. Is that a call instead?


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    It's close, but I think flatting pre is OK, as you're in position. Villain can be opening pretty wide in BvB battles. 3-betting probably isn't so great, because you're unlikely to get action from worse.

    As played, calling the flop is standard. You usually have the best hand here. It's a pretty big bet on the turn, but I think villain just has a king here. You're obviously losing to AK and KQ, so there aren't a whole lot of worse kings out there, but villain might even be weaker, with a hand like QQ or TT and he's trying to barrel you off top pair.
    Without reads, I think you have to call the turn, but note that if you call there it's because you think you're ahead (or at least flipping). You therefore should still be ahead on all non-Broadway rivers (that could give villain two pairs).
    The 7h on the river doesn't really change anything, so I'm calling. Since he bet 1.05 into 1.73, you need to win this hand 1.05/(1.73+1.05+1.05) = 27% of the time to break even. If villain takes this line with KK+,K9s+,KTo+, then you've got over 35% equity. There are also a couple of blufs in his range. While it's possible he made a set or weird two pair at some point, I think it's +EV to call.

    Folding the river isn't terrible, as I often think it's better to make a fold when you're really not sure where you're at, but I'm gonna look him up, as finding out what he has will also enable you to get a read. (If he fired 3 barrels with air, then it will be very profitable to play more pots in position with this guy.)

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