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2NL - KK against bully and other villain @ BB

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  • 2NL - KK against bully and other villain @ BB

    Hi, In this play I was expecting a good hand to go against villain 1 (bully). I got KK on the BB and decided to slow play my way to the river as the bully is very aggressive and loose. Along the way the SB (that also knows villain 1 is very LAG) did a move on a very dangerous flop. Did I play well?

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    Hi Pickwick!

    I really don't like the pre-flop check. It's fancy play syndrome, which is counter-productive at microstakes. This slowplay is a mistake, because it means you'll see this flop 3-ways, out of position and without any initiative. Not only are you clearly missing a chance to get value when you almost certainly have the best hand, you're allowing two villains to suck out at a bargain price. KK is much more likely to win when you're heads up, not multiway. What will you do when the flop brings an ace, or comes JT9 all spades?
    If villain 1 is a LAG, then you want to play a big pot with him with your monster hand and allow him to bluff off all his chips. You should definitely raise pre-flop, hoping that the LAG will re-raise, allowing you to make a solid re-re-raise as an attempt to get all in as soon as possible. If he just calls, then you can c-bet and then go from there if he decides to raise the flop.
    Since you didn't define your hand with a raise, you haven't narrowed the ranges of the two villains. They can literally have any two cards.
    The flop comes 997. How good do you feel about KK on this flop? The opponents either missed this completely, so you're unlikely to get any value for your hand, or they connected with it pretty hard. You're completely crushed by 9x.
    The LAG bets, and villain 4 makes a massive overbet shove. Do you have any idea what he is doing this with? I certainly don't. He might have 77 (boat) 7x (pair), T8 (OESD), an underpair, an overpair, a complete airball, or - my biggest fear - trip nines going for a crazy overbet that looks like a bluff. You are faced with calling this big bet completely blind. We simply have no idea whether you're way ahead or way behind.

    I can't say if a call or a fold is the right play, because your problem isn't the flop action. The problem is the lack of action pre-flop.

    This hand is a good illustration of my belief that slowplaying should be avoided at 2NL. There is much more value to be gained with your strong hands by playing them straightforwardly. You'll also avoid trouble spots like this one, because a pre-flop raise will help you to put villain on a range. e.g. if you raised pre-flop to 10c and got one caller, this would be a good flop for KK, because villains aren't calling big pre-flop bets with hands that include 9s. You could get all in here often and win a stack from hands like JJ, TT and 88.
    I doubt any good player could give advice on what to do in this spot (call or fold), because good players simply wouldn't be in this spot in the first place. Don't cause yourself unnecessary problems. Play your hand in a way that makes sense. Raise strong hands for value, and keep betting until villains give you an indication you're beat.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. I assume you called. What did the shover show up with?
    Bracelet Winner


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      I did I felt very doubtfull about this play for exactly the reasons you named, specially not putting a range on villains.

      Pre-fold I also thought Bully was going to raise. When he limped I got a bit lost.
      Post-flop I thought that SB was going to fold actually, after bully raised, and atm that play sounded like a bluff. If he had re-raised I would have folded and suck out as he had low pair 78.
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