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50NL 6-max: 99 on bb / maximize value with set

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  • 50NL 6-max: 99 on bb / maximize value with set

    Hi all, preflop: I decide to flat a 3x raise against an unknown reg (26/22 over an insignificant 35 hands) with 99. flop: I bing the flop hitting top set and I decide to smooth call due to the dry nature of the board. turn: here I thought about donking out at first but I again decided to c/c. I don't especially like the way I played my hand, but what should be the line taken at those kind of spots in order to not appear super strong? check/call flop, donk turn and river or donk three streets? Thank you! f1nlaion

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    Hi f1n,

    A nice option is to bet right out instead of check to the raiser (note you didn't consider that option for the flop, as you stated you decided to smooth call which you'd have to check to the raiser to do). Leading out is a nice deceptive line because no one expects you to do this. Checking to get a c-bet is good vs. a frequent c-bettor, but that's a read we don't have yet. It's not bad though, if he checks behind the flop it's most likely because he doesn't have much, so maybe he'll hit something on his "free card" turn anyway.

    Most people check-raise the flop, or the turn, in this type of spot. Of those 2 options check-raising the flop looks least strong imo. Another option that opponents are not used to seeing is the check/call, bet line. The ten is a nice card for this line actually as the villain can't be sure how this card improved us that we would check/call the flop then bet out on the turn... the possibilities for us having picked up back door clubs or a straight draw are both there, or we could be testing the waters with top pair not wanting to give AK a free card. We will often get raised by an overpair with this action, and sometimes if they interpret this as a draw they might raise without a pair.
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