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10nl 6max, bluff vs bluff?

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  • 10nl 6max, bluff vs bluff?

    villain is a reg with VPIP 18/16 ST 29 i make a resteal with my blockers and villain calls. flop comes perfect for me to cbet, representing that K. i cbet and villain raises. so, im thinking what would he raise with on this board texture? if he had a set or AK, i think he would just call. so, he probably has air and he knows i would cbet this flop 100% of the time thats why he raised hoping i would fold, therefore i shoved(hoping i was right) was my play here correct or was it suicidal and got lucky this time?

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    Hi Espada,

    The thought process behind the play makes sense, however note that you are against a villain with whom you have statistical reads, are asking about a post flop read/line, and not providing the corresponding post flop stats to support the read. Why not? It's helpful to know if the villain tends to flat call the flop with KQ, or slow play sets, etc.

    I would not generally try this move against micro stakes players, as they will typically have it here. Also, I would suggest your shove makes no sense in the same way his raise doesn't... would you really 3b jam AA or AK here vs. a TAG? Probably shouldn't, since you will fold out worse and get stacked by better, so if villain is capable of similar reads then they can reach the same conclusion you did, and you'll get called here by stuff as weak as 88 imo. They are not thinking at this level at 10NL but by 50NL the strong players will be capable of it.
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