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25NL 6maxZ. KK twice under different circumstances

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  • 25NL 6maxZ. KK twice under different circumstances

    Hi 6max cash players,

    This isn't hand analysis just the circumstances I played KK twice in a session. So what do you guys think of my play or the villains'.

    I don't have a hud that works on zoom games so it's just live reads, a note limp or raise or look in the lobby if a player is thinking too long maybe playing more tables.

    First hand is against a >>4 zoom table player<< in training we look for that as a read of an experienced regular player?

    Second hand I'm now much deeper stacked and worried playing against >>a one zoom table player<< so probably with lesser experience like me?

    It's only KK and you have the best hand but still need to get lucky to win?

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    Feeling a little bit alone out there... But if you stick with it the live training at PSO helps so much. Two hands when the river doesn't really matter but it does maybe help your confidence (run good)? In my last session river quads twice and no value on the river: 1 >>open raise 77 from co and flop set<< 2 >>flat 44 in bb to utg raise and flop set<< As you get deeper stacked the losses are so bad when you make a mistake. Thanks again to the cash live trainers I didn't lose a 200bb dubious pot and leave the session (rat run?) with 400bb. Do you ever get to 400bb in a SNG tourney? Thanks Dave, Felix and Gareth umbup:umbup:umbup:
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      Hey Forrest

      Guess those first two hands are how most of us probably make our money - from bluffers who lose control of their 3-bets? Which is awesome

      The hard part for me is avoiding being one of those bluffers who lose control of their 3-bets, so I don't wind up spewing it all away just as quickly


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        Hi Sam,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Sometimes it feels like being on a roller-coaster bad days followed by good bringing you back to the start. Then the amplitude varies to good or bad hours then escalates to weeks to get the bank roll back.

        Things that were corrected like finding the fold button have come back. The bad beats we try to forget that subliminally now make for more aggressive plays to "get the money back".

        Trapped back in my bad poker results oriented cycle.


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          On the bright side, are you feeling more at home at 25nl? For a while there the hands you were posting in HA ranged anywhere from 5nl to 25nl, but more and more they seem to be coming from 25nl, and you seem to be doing well ... as well as can be, given that 6-max zoom tends to be such a monkey pit I really liked how you played the KK versus the aggro utg min-raiser, keeping his range wide and all that . Nice to see that this time the heart on the river was the 8 umbup: Nice going Forrest - it's always inspiring to see peeople from PSO a couple of steps ahead, and doing well. Hopefully one day I'll be up there too ... won't be for a very long time with the way I play (), but hopefully one day


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            Hi Sam,

            I normally play at 10NL sometimes take shots at 25NL or a rare 50NL. Quite strange to say it's just the same game and you can almost forget the stakes - until you lose.

            One thing though you don't see many players make LCD (limp call donk) plays. Funny in last Sunday training with frosty reviewing some 100NL hands. I actually joked in chat to see a LCD play and it happened.

            Perhaps that's a new advanced play at high stakes.


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              Hey Forrest, not sure if this would interest you, but PokerTracker's having a 25% off sale this weekend, which would make the small stakes version $45 (good up to 50nl). For some that might be kind of a steep price to pay, but I guess that's only a couple of buy-ins by the time you get to 25nl


              Thought you *might* enjoy being able to look over all your hands with the database? And there's a tagging feature, so you'd be able to label hands as you go too.

              Something I like about it, is that it gives me something to do when I start going on tilt - rather than continuing to play

              Guess all the limp-donkers must still be stuck at 10nl

              Hope you have a nice weekend!!



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