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25NL 6maxZ. Think I actually played a hand correctly?

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  • 25NL 6maxZ. Think I actually played a hand correctly?

    Hi, A brag of a title but did I play the hand correctly? No reads previously but during the hand labelled utg a limper and co a raiser. At the time thought the raise was a bit small? 1) On btn I flat TT, facing limp utg and co raise - should I have raised? 2) Hit top set on a 3 club 95T flop and raised the cbet big - is this sizing a mistake can I get away from a 3b? 3) Turned a >>boat<< and kept the initiative betting the rest of my stack (nearly a pot size bet) - too trigger happy as only a flush will call? Thanks for your replies to my HA hands I do try to learn. Here I thought I played it well and later see 3 possible mistakes? umbup:
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    Hi Forrest,

    Preflop flatting is fine without reads. I definitely like raising the flop, this raise size is a bit big though... I generally raise a bit smaller than this or overbet jam. The jam can get interpreted as a draws, and the smaller raise also a semi-bluff and overpairs will tend to stack all in (for sure if they have a club). Obviously smaller sets will stack in, we want to give all these worse hands a chance to do it now before a scary turn card can kill that action.

    Turn is ok, he didn't shove on the flop but he did call a big raise, so he may be slow playing the flush, or waiting for a safe card with an overpair. This turn is a good card for his range in general, so betting seems fine to me. We might consider betting less than a shove though... in the event he was calling with a hand like AcKx (instead of 3-betting all in with it on the flop), he will probably fold to a turn shove but if we give him a price to draw he thinks is good, he may well call. So we get value from flushes, overpairs, and the nut club draw (which is now drawing dead of course). This is where the flop raise sizing being big creates difficulty with our remaining stack. It looks a bit weird if we bet the turn smaller than our flop action, but betting more is over half our remaining stack. If we raise the flop to 6, we can follow up with 7 on the turn and have 13 left on the river.
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