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5 nl aa

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  • 5 nl aa guy is pretty nit 11/10 out of 82 hands on zoom. fold flop or turn? umbup:

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    Against this player, I can fold the flop and the reason is quite simple.
    He's very tight, opened in MP, and flat-called the 3-bet. His hand is pretty much face up as QQ-TT.

    Villain's opening range is fairly tight to start with. It's something like 88+/AQ+/AJs+, but when you 3-bet, his range for continuing shrinks to TT+ and AK. With KK+ and AK, he probably continues by 4-betting. With QQ-TT, it's very common for villains to think "My hand isn't strong enough to 4-bet, but it's too strong to fold", so they call. So his range for calling and seeing the flop is QQ, JJ and TT.
    On a QTx flop, this villain either has a set (QQ/TT) or an underpair (JJ). He's folding JJ when you bet the flop, and either raising or flatting with a set (planning to get it in on later streets).

    Villain misses a lot of value here by only minraising with top set and then betting really small on subsequent streets (90c into 6.83 on the river is pathetic, especially when the flush completed and he has top boat) so you kind of lost the minimum. If I'd been villain, I'd have sized my bets so I'm value-shoving the river.

    I hope you made a note that this guy flats 3-bets with QQ and only minraises or bets small when he has the nuts, because he's sure to take a similar line in the future. If he wants to miss a ton of value, good luck to him!

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