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16NL 6-Max Trips Multiway Play

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  • 16NL 6-Max Trips Multiway Play

    V6's 24/18, AF 3.2 over 264 hands. BB Fold to Stl: 55%(20), Flop FCB: 70%(10) Not sure what other stats to include. No significant history with this multitabler. Nothing out of line observed. I'm thinking when he took this aggressive line OTF, he might have JT, T9, AT, 98, A9, 99, JJ, QJ. When he bets large again OTT, I'm eliminating A9 and 98. J8 and KJ got there, but it doesn't seem like he'll take this line PF and OTF. Flush draw may include QsJs, AsQs, KsJs, Js8s, unsure if he'll bet this large with a flush draw OTT. So he checks to us OTR and there's a pot size effective stack left. Felt like a missed draw. 99, J8, KJ would probably have bet River. Think that there's too little left behind to go for the bet-fold line. Also wanted to go for max value so I bet-called. Almost puked when he shipped. Against his range of { JJ, 99, ATs, KsJs, QJs, JTs, Js8s, T9s, ATo, QJo, JTo, T9o } we're 50% favourite OTR. Any reason we should check behind or go for bet-fold line? Btw did I play Flop and Turn right? Thanks!umbup:

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    I think calling is the best option, because raising will only fold out worse hands and bluffs.
    as well as the turn.

    on the river I would prefer a stellar bet, like 1.95$ or less because now you bet half pot and assume he calls with a weaker range. Now the opponent shoves I can't see now any hands that you beat.
    By betting smaller, he could potentially bluff raise allin with missed draws and QJ.

    I would call on the river as well since you play it like AA/KK yourself perhaps JJ so the guy might try to get you to fold, for this ridiculous price. It would be a crying call, but sometimes you are good here on an overpair, QJ, trips with a smaller kicker, however most often -I think about 2/3 times- he has you beat.


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      Hi TANW,

      I favor a smaller bet on the river, as for your bet sizing I don't see how we get called by worse hands. There really aren't many worse made hands in his range at this point, but flopped draws that contain a Q would qualify, and maybe an industrious 9x. A bigger bet puts too much pressure on those holdings, and we'll only get action when beat. When we bet and get raised, I think we are never winning. Especially for this sizing, which looks like we are not folding. Not sure he takes this line with the next strongest hand after ours, T8, but certainly can see it from all the boats and KJ.

      Flop and turn lines are fine, I really don't like 3-betting the flop as it opens us up to get shoved on by both better hands and draws, so I hate 3b/stacking here with the frequency we'll be behind, and also hate 3b/folding this hand strength which is sometimes ahead and can improve to a monster.
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        Thanks guys! I agree with the smaller River bet to get called by 1 pair type hands. So is still a bet/call if we size it smallish like $3??

        Villain showed up with 99, sick River check there!



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