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10NL 6maxZ. Open 22 in co and sb calls check down to river call 8 : 1

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  • 10NL 6maxZ. Open 22 in co and sb calls check down to river call 8 : 1


    Do I have to call 10c in a 80c pot?

    Quite funny as always with no reads. I raise 22 from the co and the sb calls and then we check down to a river bet.

    May hand improved from 1 pair to 2 pair then to the worst flush. With 4 flush cards on the board, a straight flush and boats sailing in?

    A call 8 : 1 odds to >>bluff catch<< but can you raise with the worst perceived hand thinking that this bet is not thin value?

    What is the difference between thick and thin value?
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    Hi Forrest,

    With this price I would call with a flush. Seems fair enough to bluff catch and since we checked through the flop and turn he might make a cheap try thinking if we don't have a diamond we will fold.

    I wouldn't raise here, as we will only get called when beat (so it's not for value) and we are not likely to get better to fold (so it's not a bluff). One might argue we are trying to get a middling diamond to fold, but 1) that's not very likely given the lack of flop and turn action, and 2) there actually aren't any middling diamonds... the 3d might fold but 5-8 are on the board, 4 and 9 are straight flushes, so the next smallest flush is the Td. People have a harder time psychologically folding broadway flushes than they would folding say a 6 high (even though vs. our raise they would both only be bluff catchers). So since we have showdown value, and a great price, call but don't raise imo.
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