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2nl 6max zoom-Tough Fold Or Leading With Worse?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Tough Fold Or Leading With Worse?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    hi everyone, i have a pretty good sample on the villian in the sb they have stats of 19/15 3bet%of 8, FCB:62%,went to showdown of 29% 15/51,won at showndown of 40% 6/15,AF:1.40 over 454hands i make my set on the flop and bet for value against 2 villians and get one caller the player in the sb. A blank comes on the turn and i continue once checked to,in review i could have maybe bet a little bigger. On the river a backdoor flush gets there and the villian leads out confidently. I think maybe they could have some Ace combos with spades here but i also thought at 2nl the villians arent always seeing backdoor draws that clearly, and could be betting some worse sets here. But generally at micros when villians are leading out big on rivers here when they've been passive on flop and turn they arent far from the nuts. What would you guys do here? Really tough fold? or just a cooler if they backdoor it here with some worse included? Thanks as always

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    this is a spot where i always know im beat but still make a crying call. tough spot i think a fold is better but i would have called
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      Hi Nashy, I think you played this hand fine, although I'd usually bet a little bigger on the flop and turn, because you're much more likely to get action for your set on an ace-high flop. Try and build a big pot and double up. The river is a spot where I used to call (while feeling sick), but I've learned my lesson several times over and will usually fold nowadays. It's become a a cliché, but river leads of close to pot represent the nuts. This play is almost never a bluff. It's almost certainly a valuebet. It would be suicidal to donk the pot with a weak hand, when villain should be worried you have a flush yourself, but occasionally the villain just sees he made two pairs and completely misses the flush. Nevertheless, I think folding is the correct play here. Notice that it's perfectly possible to have called the flop and turn with top pair than backdoored the nuts, because the ace on the flop was not the . Since villain would typically have raised the flop or turn with a set of 7s or A7, and folded all his underpairs, the only "value hand" you beat is A6. I'd fold here, because villain's range is heavily weighted to nut flushes. Hope this helps! Cheers, Arty
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