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5nl FR, AA vs (srtange)strong line

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  • 5nl FR, AA vs (srtange)strong line

    villain 4 VPIP/PFR 15/10 villain 5 VPIP/PFR 13/10 AGGR 3.3 when villain donks the flop i put him on a bad Q or a combo draw. if he had a set i dont think he would lead out, but i dont rule out this possibility because of his stats and the fact that he bets vs 2 oppo. so i raise for value and protection but not too big though in case he has it and if he comes over the top i could easily fold. turn is a 6 which i think is a good card for me, because the only hand that he could have that beats me is now 88(he would probably 3bet QQ pre, less likely he has 66). but would he donk the flop with midlle set and bet again the turn with full house? after i showed strength wouldnt he check his full house and let me fire again? wouldnt he let me take a 'free' card if i was on a draw? what should i do OTT?

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    tough spot. i would like to see one more card maybe he has a han dlike q8 that he wants to preotect or aq. combo draws are psoible aswell but then it is a really weird lin to donk out on the turn. if he wanted to putt money in with a big draw i think he would have shoved the flop. he got me confused but i think its a call and see what happens on the river
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      Hi Espada,

      I actually think he does have a set here. Look at the guy's stats. He's playing 13/10. There aren't many drawing hands in his range, and since he's in the blinds, he's in a great spot to go set-mining in a multiway pot. I don't donkbet very often with strong hands (I prefer check-raising for value), but donking with 88 would make sense in this spot, because he expects at least one caller on this board.

      When a player makes a donkbet of significant size, he's usually doing it with a decent made hand or a draw. With a made hand or super-strong draw, he wants you to raise, so he can get his stack in. With a weaker draw or underpair, he wants you to fold. Since villain wants you to raise or fold, the best play for you is usually to just call.
      When you raise and a TAG villain (not a fish) redonks, he nearly always has the effective nuts. This villain has a boat or quads almost always, so you should fold on the turn.

      Most villains at these stakes aren't really putting you on a range. He's not thinking "Espada has AQ, an overpair or flush draw, so I should slowplay my boat". He's thinking "I have a set/boat, so I'll put lots of money in the pot".
      I'm not sure if this a zoom or regular table, but multitabling nit/tags often take lines that might seem strange. When the table pops up, they see they made a set or TPTK, so they bet out. They really aren't considering if that's the most profitable line. It's level 1 thinking: "I hit the flop hard, so I will bet strongly and then move on to the next table".
      Taking notes on these guys can save you a lot of money. If you've got "donks with set" as a note on a player, you can even fold on the flop, so you only lose the 3bb you put in pre. (On this hand, I'd just call on the flop to keep the pot small when I could be behind, but usually fold on the turn).

      Hope this helps.
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        heey arty i see what you meand but why wouldnt he 4 bet the flop then. thats ussually what i see with sets. thats what confuses me a litle
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          I can't explain that, ado!
          I would get it all in on the flop with 88, but maybe this guy was temporarily worried about QQ or AA, or put Espada on a flush draw, so saw some value in slowing down, but by the turn he decided he was committed to stacking off after all. Players take weird lines all the time, which is why taking notes is so crucial.
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