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50NL 6max. utg opens, +1 3-bets, I have AKs in the co and 4-bet?

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  • 50NL 6max. utg opens, +1 3-bets, I have AKs in the co and 4-bet?


    Was just testing my metal at low stakes. No reads but I actually have a hand AKs in the co facing an utg open and +1 3b.

    Can we range a 1/2 stack 3b?

    Was I correct to 4b here and then was my bet sizing ok?

    Probably quite passive to check behind and not keep the initiative but a nice turn gave me a >>milestone pot<<.

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    Hey Forrest I think your postflop line is great. You see someone cold call a four bet from under the gun and decide not to c-bet a dry flop. Clearly the best play. When they still don't show interest on a great turn card for you I think going bet-shove turn-river makes all the sense in the world. After all, you are very likely to have the best hand and there is more value in getting calls from JJ/QQ than the times we are going to get super trapped by KK/AA or potentially TT. Preflop I could go either way here. I wouldn't mind a smaller four bet or a cold flat of the 7x three-bet. I guess a four-bet will be the easier way to play it. The way you sized this particular four-bet I think gives away your hand to a competent hand reader. Maybe you are sure that neither player is such a hand reader but I think sizing to 8.50 would give you more flexibility and encourage lighter continues from either player. Here I would be surprised if you set up a situation where you could profitably call someone's five-bet after four betting to that size. The reason isn't that your four-bet is too much of the effective stack, its just such a big multiple of the three-bet. So not all four-bet sizing is about putting in X% or Y% of the effective stack, but the money in the pot and the size of the three-bet should also figure prominently. I wouldn't mind 8.50 or a flat call. But you definitely got the most important decisions in this hand right. umbup:



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