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2NL 6 Max - TPTK on Draw Heavy Board vs LAG

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  • 2NL 6 Max - TPTK on Draw Heavy Board vs LAG

    Hello everyone I've been winning significantly at 2nl since I started reading and posting in the forums. Reading and learning from other peoples experiences plus getting feedback on my own has shown me how to avoid bad spots. Cheers! I will probably be taking two shots at 5nl when I grind my stack up to 50 buy-ins [100BB each] at those stakes. I should be able to get it there before the end of next week. Been playing a lot of FR Zoom these days but I really prefer 6 max lol. >>NOTE<< I'm not LAG, I just get into tricky spots sometimes. Honestly innocent . My sessions do NOT include much stuff like this. Table fish opens min so I 3-bet trying to isolate him. Call from the small blind. I watched some hand replays of him calling a 10BB open raise from the BB w/ 79 so I know hes loose enough to call w/ garbage. He wasn't making many good decisions tbh. Flop comes and he donk bets. Expected that so I call w/ TPTK. Ranging him on a flush draw. Turn comes and he bets 2/3 of the pot. I'm thinking its too big a bet from someone w/ only a flush draw. So now its either a protection bet for his set/2pair or a bluff. His range is wide and its still pretty big even for a protection bet so I call. Turn comes the Kd which makes a flush possible. He checks which tells me his hand hand probably can't beat a strong flush. That or he never had a hand to begin with. In any case he dosent like the river. I figure I played the hand like a flush draw so I try to represent it with a shove. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.
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    I like your line here. Calling in position with TPTK is fine on this board. I also think that your river bluff has to be a shove, because I don't think you have the best hand (you're probably chopping at best), and villain can actually be quite strong, so you need to maximise your fold equity to have a chance of winning the pot outright.
    Since villain barrelled the turn, but checked the river, I think he has usually has a pair that was an overpair till the king came along, a set, or the same hand as you. Whether he finds a fold when you rep the flush is impossible to know. (I'd be folding, but I wouldn't be checking in the first place. With a set, I'd make some sort of blocking bet that looks like a value bet, to make it less likely you'd try and bluff). At these stakes, I think an average fish would make a crying call with a set, but probably dump JJ/TT/AT or anything weaker like QT/JT/99.
    There's also a slight possibility that villain really did have the flush draw, and is now getting tricky on the river, planning to CRAI. (Fish do some crazy things, like checking the nuts on the river, when there's a good chance you won't even bet for them.)

    Hope this helps!
    Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks Arty.

      As played he folded his hand to the river shove. I didn't even concider an overpair, from info on this fish he could very likely have been overcomitting himself on JJ. If that was the case I was making a really big mistake. River didn't make my hand better but it did me a big favor by making his worse. Poker is funny like that I guess.



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