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2nl 6max zoom-Got A Little Lost Deep Stacked

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  • 2nl 6max zoom-Got A Little Lost Deep Stacked

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Again, I got a little lost on the turn in this spot given the stack depth i think. The villian utg had stats of 30/27 3bet%of 9 plus their utg raise% was 20 so still pretty wide utg and these stats were over 107 hands I made my set on the flop on a pretty dry board so i decided to flat call and continue to get value from worse, i just thought im getting too many folds when i raise the flop. The Ace comes down on the turn and the villian leads again and i decided to raise for value,then they 3bet and this is when i got a little lost with stacks so deep,but i did underep my hand on the flop here so i think the villian could believe their Ax hands are best. But i question weather i could get stacks in for well over 300bbs here with bottom set in front of their stack off range. What do you guys think?

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    Firstly, if you find playing so deep is too stressful, just bank the money and come back 15 minutes later, unless you want to keep putting yourself in these situations as a way of improving your game.

    While you're very deep, villain is somewhat shorter and has committed himself with his turn 3-bet. I'm quite happy to stack off here, because this board contains many more Ax combinations than set combinations. Indeed, if villain shows up with AA, TT or 66, it's just a big cooler.
    I kind of like your play on this flop, because it's hard for hands like JJ to continue, because your raise can only be a set or QQ+. (There are no draws). On the turn, I'd actually make a bigger raise. Since he barrelled the ace, it's pretty likely that he hit it. I think his most likely holding is AT, but I wouldn't entirely rule out A6s or A3s, since this guy is so loose/aggro. He might also overvalue hands like AK and AQ, which are actually drawing dead. He might even be going crazy with KQss or QJss for the flush/straight combo draw.
    Villain is committed to shoving every river card with hands that are made on the turn, but he might not bet if he's drawing and the draws miss. Since I don't really want to see the any Broadway spades on the river (the Ts would be sick, because you'd make a boat, but AT would have a better one) if I just call, I think I 4-bet shove the turn.
    Against a nittier type, I'd be much more cautious, but I think I'm basically going broke here every time against this guy. Get your money in on the turn, where you're much more likely to be ahead than if you see a scary river and get bet into again. I think this guy will gamble it up and call a turn shove with worse than your hand.

    EDIT: Equity simulation with the fairly wide range I'm giving him:

    Board: Td 6s 3c As
           Equity     Win     Tie
    Vill    21.99%  21.99%   0.00% { AA, TT, 66, AQs+, ATs, A6s, A3s, KsQs, QsJs, AQo+, ATo }
    Hero    78.01%  78.01%   0.00% { 3d3h }

    Getting it in with 78% equity versus his range has got to be profitable in the long run.
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