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2NL FR ZOOM - Blind Battle - Resistance from the Big Blind

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  • 2NL FR ZOOM - Blind Battle - Resistance from the Big Blind

    Hey guys . This was the 2nd time I get resistance from this guy when he was in the blinds so I figure hes pegged me as a regular blinds thief, which I am , so I 4Bet making it double + some big blinds to intimidate (sizing based on xflixx' training video umbup: ). His call, which imo is a mistake, took be by surprise so now I know his hand is something he thinks is too good to fold but not enough to shove with [AQs, AQo, KQs, JJ, TT]. He checks to me on the flop so I bet about half pot, should I have bet more or is this enough to fold out his range enough of the time?
    Last edited by Low Rated; Mon Apr 08, 2013, 08:14 AM. Reason: ~Typo~ I dont usually 4Bet but when I do, I have the almighty 45

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    $17.67 in a 2NL game? Nice! How long was that grind?

    Anyway I'd suggest making the 4-bet to something like 40c, your 4-bet wasn't even 3 times his and he's going to be calling with almost all of his 3-betting range knowing that implied odds means he's going to have an easy time stacking off if he hits 2 pair/trips etc.

    The flop is draw heavy enough that I'd be c-betting at least 70-80% of the pot looking willing to stack off right then and there. Then folding to his inevitable re-raise all in because why the hell am I playing 45o in a 4 bet pot

    I'm much more inclined to actually give people credit for a strong run of hands in zoom because 95% of the time that's exactly what it is. But then again you're the one who managed to go >+$15 in a session so what do I know


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      Session was around 5 hours. I stoped almost 2 hours ago and I'm still up walking around the house like a madman at 2 am. I hate when I get like this .

      Just avoided bad spot all day. Tried not to get too much money in preflop w/ AK, AQ, QQ and such and instead extracted the values with top pair on the turns and rivers. Tightened my 3bet/4bet/shove ranges, only times I shoved were with AA and KK (won a $6 pot KK vs QQ wich put me at $17). But most of it comes from turn river value bets.

      Also, made sure to trust my reads and fold when I was beat. Saved me a lot of money. I single table so I'm able to focus completly on the game infront of me.

      >>Now on the hand<<

      I didn't want to get myself comitted with 45 off (lol) since I probably can't call a shove.

      I think you're right about the flop though. But hey if 10c [360] SnG's have taught me anything its that when the guy that 4Bets 45 touches the flop, your Aces are in trouble


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        I'll admit I have no great ideas about how to play the flop, because I have never been in this situation in my life!

        You tried stealing with a minraise, and this is fine. It works great for me in Zoom too. But when villain 3-bets, you're into a levelling war: "I know that he knows I'm stealing, but does he know that I know he 3-bets light, and if so, does he know that I can 4-bet light when I know that he's 3-betting light?"
        There's simply no need to have reg wars at 2NL. Indeed it gets spewy. If you must 4-bet light, at least do it with an ace blocker, or with a hand that can actually flop some equity when you get called. Basically, have a plan.
        If you didn't know what you'd do if he flats the 4-bet, don't 4-bet in the first place.

        If I was in this situation (which I wouldn't be!) then I probably wimp out and not put another cent in the pot, but I have a feeling that this flop is actually a good one to c-bet. Villain is likely to CRAI if he has any piece of it, so I'd just make a half pot stab and then move my mouse-pointer over to the fold button for when he has AQ, TT or KQdd. Hand like JJ and 99 are certainly folding, I would think.

        FWIW, I think your pre-flop bet-sizes were fine. 4-bets do not need to be 3x the 3-bet, and you would generally only go for a larger one if you had KK+ and expected villain to call/shove with worse. Likewise on the flop, you don't need to bet big because it's wet. Any bet size is "committing", because of the SPR. (Villain's stack is 3x pot).

        Hope this helps.
        Bracelet Winner


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          Wow! Nice stack and aggressive play in the hand. Like Arty, I have never been in this situation. I don't find it necessary to 4-bet light at microstakes. Opps make enough mistakes on thier own imo to make taking such high risk bluffs.

          Regardless, I would definately c-bet just as you did on this flop. When the villain calls your 4-bet, I think it most likely that he has a decent pp, but not AA. I wouldn't expect to see sc, aside from AKs, calling your 4-bet that often. I think the A on the flop is the best card you could have hoped for since it will hopefully get a fold from JJ, QQ and often KK. Your line has looked super strong. If you c-bet more, it may look like you are a bit scared of the A and hoping for a fold. By sticking to a standard half potish c-bet, it is hard to put you on anything worse than TPTK. Moreover, half the pot is enough to get the job done. Either the villain is going to fold or come over the top all in. This will be true whether you bet half the pot or larger. Bet - fold looks like a great line.

          I hope you won the hand and continue to run hot

          Roland GTX


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            Hey guys.

            Don't worry I don't that too often lol, most 2NL FR players can't make that kind of 3-bet defence in the blinds without a hand but I was certain this guy had it in him. That's why the call surprised me, I thought he would know that calling a 4-bet OOP was not a good idea.

            Yeah, even though I made a pretty good pair on the flop I was expecting to fold to a re raise shove. After this hand, I was thinking that my flop C-bet was a bit too light but I didn't want to lose too much to a shove.

            Thanks for the analysis everyone.

            Oh and if anyone is on the edge of their seats wondering about the result - I won, he folded to my C-bet



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