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NL2 FR: JJ, luck, or am I playing wrong?

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  • NL2 FR: JJ, luck, or am I playing wrong?

    Villian was unknown. I'm basically brand new to competitive poker, I've gotten through the basics and the Cash Games sections of the poker school. I'm just lost as to if I was playing this right, however I've been pretty frustrated lately so I might just be telling myself I was and just had bad luck.

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    Hi NfinITE, welcome to PSO!

    Nothing wrong with how you played the hand there. People who play with <20BB behind them in cash games are usually either complete noobs or someone who's just lost a big pot and on tilt. Most regs will auto-reload. With that in mind I'd be more than happy to straight up shove the last 11BB over a 6BB raise with pocket jacks as the villain will be raising (and likely calling) with a pretty wide range here.

    You ended up putting your chips in as a favourite (about a 60-40 in this case) to win which is what's important for winning play in cash games. You just need to play enough hands to make up for bad beats and you'll be raking in cash.

    If you try out zoom tables or against a bigger stack I wouldn't be calling a shove with pocket jacks a lot of the time unless I had info that the villain was loose because in general people do play pretty tight but in that situation it was fine.

    Hope some of that helped


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      Hello This guy was sitting at 34c, he would probably shove all in with any two cards JT+ or any random pocket pair. Also you were the favorite as said, so even if his cards were face up you made the right move umbup:. However the Re Raise (3Bet) size was off. when you 3Bet you should generally make it 3 times the original raise. There are a couple videos on bet sizing guidelines on PSO, i suggest watching xfelixx' two part instructional. Keep making good moves, in the long run they will pay off.
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        Sick board

        There was no actually no value in these hand. I would fold or all-in, because of the small effective stack. Your next move should be change table.


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          Originally posted by Sandik107 View Post
          There was no actually no value in these hand. I would fold or all-in, because of the small effective stack. Your next move should be change table.
          57% chance to turn 34c into 67c (factoring in rake)
          On average you're making +4.2c each time you do that. (i.e. 2BB)

          Against his expected range (say ~top 15% of hands) you're making an average of 7c (3.5BB)

          If I could make an average of that many big blinds per hand I played I'd be extremely happy.


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            Hi Nfin,

            Against a 17bb stack opening from the button, I would put him all in preflop every time with JJ here. Normally don't min-raise for your 3-bet sizing, start with roughly 3x the total bet size and if you think adjustments are warranted make them from that. For future reference, it's not material in this hand as the villain is so short stacked.
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