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10nl 6max, slowplay KK

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  • 10nl 6max, slowplay KK

    villain VPIP/PFR 17/15 AGGR 3.5 the reason i just called was to trap villain 1. that guy is maniac, raising and 3betting almost every hand but in this case, unfortunately, he folds. flop gives me top set and i check waiting for villain to cbet 100% of the time. i raised his cbet fearing that if a club turns it will kill the action, in case he has AA,AK or a set, and make me an underdog if he is on a FD but, sadly, he folds. should i just call and let him, potentially, barrel or am i going to make more money by raising OTF?

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    Hi Espada,

    If V1 is a maniac I like the line, flatting planning to back-raise the maniac (or give action if V3 4-bets the maniac obv).

    I like check-raising the flop personally, the board is pretty wet and we can get put on a draw. I think we should check-raise smaller though, because we have the kings tied up there just aren't many AA and AK's left, and a lot more QQ/JJ/TT/AQ/AJ/AT hands. We really don't mind if he peels with JJ as he's got 2 outs to double us up. A click back or like .90c is probably good.

    The alternate line is to check-call, then lead out on the turn. It's a line most people aren't used to seeing and they sometimes don't know how to react and will make loose calls. The downside is any turn card that coordinates with the board will kill this action like you note.

    Tough to get max value out of position but I favor trying to grow the pot now with a smallish check-raise, as if he does happen to have AK or AA he may well reraise on a wet board to "protect his hand", giving him a chance to make a mistake.

    Another interesting option is to make a huge check-raise... players will be prone to thinking you'd never do this with a set because why would you want them to fold? So it looks a lot like a draw. We will get called off by the AA/AK hands but sometimes will get hero'd by QQ/JJ too. If they have AT and fold, no big deal, they won't call anything with that anyway.
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