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10NL 6 Max Laying Down KK?

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  • 10NL 6 Max Laying Down KK?

    Villain's 16/12, AF 2.3 over 848 hands. 3bet: 4.8%, BB 3bet: 3%(99), 5bet: 33%(3), Flop Cbet: 54%(46), Flop Cbet 3bet pot: 83%(6) Those stats are after this hand. Meaning that he had only 3bet twice in BB, haven't 5bet before this hand. Another note is that he limps weak hands some of the time. Had considered flatting here but we still won't be comfortable getting our $ in on a Queen or Ace high board. Cos the bottom of his range will be QQ+. Best case scenario is hitting a K but there're only 2 left in the deck. On a non Ace or Queen board, I guess we're committed. Folding's pretty nitty after we've invested 22bb but remember Gareth saying he had laid down quite a number of KK On the other hand, since it's the micros, shoving KK preflop is a +EV move 99% of the time. If we run into AA, it's a cooler. But due to his stats, is this one of the special occasions to fold? Does the phrase "flatting to keep his range wide" apply here as it's the first time 5bets over 800+ hands? Thanks!
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    Hi TANW,

    I would flat the 3b here pre, I think you kind of touched on the reason why, but basically this guy is pretty night for 6-max, he's a very passive 3-bettor from out of the big blind position, and he's doing so over an EP raise here. His range rates to be very strong, probably QQ+ and AK, but this is the type of player who will sometimes fold Q's and AK to a 4b from us, so doing so really sort of takes what little value we have in this situation and cuts it.

    If we flat post flop play is pretty straight forward actually. You didn't include turn barreling frequency but I'd imagine this player type doesn't barrel. So on a Q high flop we call a c-bet, and fold to a barrel as he'll only barrel AA and QQ and shut down with AK. If it's an ace high flop we can take the same line. If it's a small flop we might take the same line, or we might call flop and raise turn cards that will look very scary to him.

    As played I'm not normally a proponent of folding KK preflop on 100bb stacks but I think it may be right here, his 3b freq is so nitty and the ranges so strong in this specific situation, I think he's going to show us aces the vast majority of the time when he 5-bets.

    I agree with you that putting 22bb's in then folding KK feels pretty gross, and I don't like doing it, but if we're almost always up against aces then we should. Which is why I don't like 4-betting in the first place, giving him a chance to get off the hook with QQ and AK and losing most of our KK value.
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      Thanks Dave! It was an insightful analysis. Haven't tried flatting 3bets with KK but will do it against similar tight Villain types in the future. This will keep their ranges wide. And like you mentioned, he's going to 5bet us with nuts most of the time.

      I like the postflop plan's because second barrel will normally mean we're crushed on a Q and A high Flop. Raising the turn on a small Flop scary Turn, sounds good because it's only a 3bet pot so we still have some fold equity.

      As played, I shoved and he showed up with AA.



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